Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Realizing That This Living Room Set Of Tables Are From American Of Martinsville Is Plenty Easy, Finding Any Information On Their Line Has Proven Quite Difficult. Matter Of Fact, I Got Nothin'! Status: Available.


I've looked high and low for another American Of Martinsville table that matches these but alas, have come up empty handed.  I've found some with similar tops, drawers and pulls...but different legs.  Weird.


Frank (our trusted and beloved Ford Focus Wagon) had to go to the doctor Saturday morning for new

tires, oil change, alignment and another rear wheel bearing (covered by Dobbs "fixed forever

warranty"), so we had to take the Girlfriend's lil Ford Fiesta to Belleville Il. to pick up these three

lovely American Of Martinsville living room tables.  I'll admit, I was a little bit worried about fitting

all three into the hatch of such a small car, but upon quick inspection I realized that the legs easily

screw off.  No problem.


I didn't exactly recognize the set when I spotted them on craigslist, but even in the less than ideal

photos provided by the seller I could see that they were pretty nice.  It wasn't until I arrived that I

found them to be American Of Martinsville.  Looking around the net, this is the only American Of

Martinsville line that looks similar...but it has dissimilar legs


Like most of what I find and consequently have to offer, these tables are not perfect.  The coffee table

is pretty much issue free but the end tables have some rings on the upper levels where perhaps a

potted plant or lamp once stood.  Each table weighs perhaps 35 - 40 lbs and so are incredibly

substantial.  I'm sure that if one wished to, refinishing the surfaces would yield excellent results...

although I'm certain that these would be enjoyed for ages just as they are, character and all!  I should

have them all in one booth or the other soon.  It's getting a little crowded here at the Modtomic Ranch



  1. I've seen the same style leg on a different style AofM table, so they may have done a little mix-and-match to create different series.

  2. the pieces everyone tries to say are connected to george nelson will occasionally have those legs instead of the tapers. i've seen a few floating around this area.