Thursday, May 8, 2014

A Couple More Interesting Thrift And Estate Sale Smalls That I've Picked Up Recently. Another Copco Pan And A Few Pieces Of Dorothy Thorpe Silver Rim Snack Service. Status: Needin' Some Cleanup.


I seem to have a weakness for Michael Lax as well as Dorothy Thorpe lately.  Or maybe it's just shiny stuff, I don't know.  These are just a couple of the smalls I've gathered over the last couple days.


This Copco fry pan came from the same thrift that I found the covered Copco Michael Lax soup pot. 

Sadly there was no lid for this one to be found.  There may have never been one available.  I can't

find an image of one of these with a lid anywhere.  I'll get it cleaned up and in one of the booths soon,

along with it's counterpart.


This shows a good example of the difference of between tarnished silver and clean silver rims on

Dorothy Thorpe pieces.  Funny thing is, these both came from the same estate sale.  You'd think that

the dip bowl would be worn the same as the toothpick holder.  There was a matching chip bowl

available but it was priced a bit too high and I find the chip bowls all the time at the thrifts, so it got

left behind.  I probably have a loose chip bowl around here somewhere, now that I think of it.  When

I get the set complete I'll drop it off at a booth as well.

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