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Monday, August 30, 2010

The "Pod" chairs. These are a lot like Overman swivel chairs. I have a total of four. They are great for extra party seating! Status: Gone.


These very stylish chairs are so comfy. Great for lounging in front of the TV or playing cards with friends. Even if you don't win, you'll look good loosing!

Plus, they swivel! They aren't leather but good looking, easy cleaning (got kids?, drunk

friends?), long wearing vinyl. These came out of a basement office in Belleville Il. We had

stopped at a sale on the way to the Belleville Flea Mkt. early this spring where I also picked up

our little three legged entry table that is sitting on top of the Broyhill side table in many of the

pictures you see here. I need to take my camera with me next time we get up at the crack of

dawn to go to the Belleville Flea Mkt. so I can drop a post about it. Last weekend I spotted a

Bertoia Diamond chair but it wasn't cheap. I once passed over a Plycraft Eames Lounge chair

with an asking price of $75. I seem to remember it was in good shape too. Doesn't everybody

have a couple of those stories?

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