Friday, December 16, 2011

Oh Sweet Thrift Store Lighted Globe Scorage! Status: About As Sexy As A Model Of The Earth Can Be.


Having taken the day of today proved VERY fruitful!  I had to go to the (True Value!) hardware store to (finally) get a lock set with a key for the garage door since we've never had one.  While I was out I of course had to do some rare weekday thrift scavenging!


Is it not beautiful and sublime? After I had finished up at the hardware store I dropped by the

Salv. Army near the house. I didn't find anything there that I needed to bring home. That just

would not stand. I figured it had been a while since I had been my "traps" in St. Charles so that

was where I was heading next.


I always seem to find great furniture at the St. Chuck Salv. Army so they were first on my list.

I did find some stuff there...that I'll post about later. The Goodwill was last on my list as time

was catching up with me. I had to meet a craigslist buyer back at home at 6:30 so the Goodwill

run had to be quick.


Oh how it paid off though. Can you believe this was ONLY $3? It did have a busted plug but

that was easily fixed. There is a bit of peeling near the bottom of the globe too. Nothing too

bad, and for's all about the base. There was a very similar globe at the Ivey Selkirk

Modernism auction that I attended recently
but it was not a lighted globe. It sold for $50.


I almost bid on that globe at the Ivey Selkirk. Sticking to my (cheap bastard) guns has paid

off once again! I have been building a rather considerable collection of lighted globes. This is

obviously the crown jewel of the collection...thus far. I have been eyeing some pre 1960 lighted

examples at the antique malls but again...these have not been cheap. Much more than that lucite

base variant at the Ivey Selkirk auction. Much more than I am prepared to spend on a globe at

the moment.


Oh, and you might have noticed this globe in the background of the pics in yesterday's post.

I've had this a while but I'm not sure I ever featured it. It's a pretty groovy lighted globe in it's

own right. Notice that it lacks the standard "frame" that stretches from the south to the north

pole. It's all inside the globe.


There is a mechanism inside the globe that focuses a small point of light (near the "D" in

Denmark on the second pic above) from the bulb onto the globe that will illuminate the longitude

and latitude that is shown on the dials at the base of the globe. How freakin' cool is that? It's

like GPS. Plus that parchment color seems less common. I like less common. So these two will

be keepes along with the black and chrome one. I'll need to start thinning the herd of the rest

of them. Who needs like half a dozen (or more!) lighted globes?


  1. Waaay to fun! Love the lucite frame and the interior lighting and I love maps and globes anyway. Nice score!

  2. Just picked one up in Black/chrome the other day at the St. Chuck Salvation Army. That frameless globe with the pointer is pretty cool. Never seen one like it before. Looks like it gives off a nice glow too.

  3. hecks yeah! that globe with the clear base is really cool. and how nice of the people at GW to not put the sticker on the globe part! i find that they stick those darn stickers in the worst places sometimes. like, over mfr stamps on bottoms of dishes when i am trying to see who the maker was, and over the original mfr sticker of stuff that we WANT the mfr sticker to stay put!

  4. Great find - I'd love to find one like that to replace my common varieties.

  5. Those are some big, beautiful, glowing globes!

  6. Man, that lucite globe is over the top! I found my first light up globe a few weeks ago and I keep it on my desk at work, looking great. But now, now that I've seen this lucite beauty, mine seems so... inadequate. In 2012 I resolve to find a light up lucite!

  7. Ok, I've been lurking and crushing on your finds for months now, but that ends here, because my heart just skipped a beat. That second globe is just... hot. There, I said it. I have never seen anything like it! The interior mechanism, and the dials, and the color... I am coveting right now, I'll have you know. Slightly ashamed, but coveting nonetheless.