Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wait..Didn't I Just Post About A Lamp Yesterday? Yep, And It's The Same Ol' Story...Lamp Meets Shade. Status: Living Happily Ever After.


The shade found it's way into my hands at the Goodwill down the street.  It was a (getting) rare find what with it being in excellent condition.  They are so fragile that it's just amazing that it can make its way through "the machine" of donation, display and purchase without being crushed.


Again this is a "married" piece. The lamp shade just now finding it's way to my ridiculous

collection and the lamp base having been around out in the garage for some time now. The

lamp base is by Quartite Creative Corp. I think A Modern Line (or A Mod, as I like to refer

to them)
asked me about another lamp I featured a while back asking if it was a Quartite. I

didn't know anything about Quartite Creative Corp. lamps and still don't but now know what

some of the key tell tale signs are of a Quartite lamp.


The lamp was part of a package that I bought from SecondhandHannah a long while back. It

some how made its way to the very back of the garage where I hardly ever get. But, as luck

would have it, our clothes dryer stopped working yesterday. I had to get to the back of the

garage where the breaker box is to see if we had just popped a breaker switch. We hadn't...

I had to go buy us another (used) dryer this afternoon (thanks Rick / craigslist!). Anyway, this

lamp base was back there by the box and as I had just found a great orange shade...well it

must have just been meant to be! Since I am sooooo set for lamps at the moment it too

is going on the craigslist ads and is available as of now!


  1. Another match made in lamp heaven! I'm guessing your Quartite is marked along the base? Maybe even dated? Thanks for the link :-)

  2. Wow, GREAT shade. I agree, it's amazing they can withstand the whole donation process. Cool find. And the lamp.....awesome.

  3. That shade is awesome! Really looks good with the lamp.