Sunday, December 4, 2011

Just A Couple Lil' Items I Had Sittin' Around. Starbursts, Salt-N-Peppers And Ashtray Twins. Status: Random.


Wow, after all the great estate sales this Summer, I hate to sound like I'm complaining but...Dangit! They've kinda dried up again! Not really dried up, because there were at least dozen this weekend, but the really good Vintage Modern ones have all gone away! If I was after some Early American or French Provincial...I'd be set!

For real though...I'm just lazy. I'm sure if I were to go to four or five of the sales this weekend

I'd come home with plenty of good things. I've gotten spoiled and really only want to hit sales

where I'm sure I'll find good stuff! Back in the old days the Girlfriend and I used to hit a dozen

sales in a day not knowing what to really expect at any of them.


This pair of matching mod ashtrays were found at an estate sale during those early times. They

have the look and feel of fine bone china! They are a good looking set and as a bonus, they

kinda "nest" on top of each other for storage. I used to avidly collect ashtrays but not so much

anymore. I guess I found my limit. Oh sure, if I find a particularly cool one for a'll find

it's way home with me.


The Girlfriend recently picked this kitschy little Salt, Pepper and Sugar (I think Red Pepper) set

at the flea market I think. It speaks to her love of collecting Salt and Pepper shakers as well as

her affinity for plastic items. I'm just so fascinated by the vibrant colors used. It's pretty amazing

the the little spoon has never been lost.


Between those two scores I picked this little gem up at the Peavely flea market just south of

St. Louis. At first I thought it must me a doorbell surround or something. I didn't think it was for

a door knob because I had always pictured these to be about twice this size but then I got to

doing a little research on it I found that it must be for a door knob. It's too bad that there isn't

an easy way to attach these to any door knob. It's designed to fit a particular mounting system.

Note the lack of screw bosses on the back side. Just that center screw machining and the tabs

on the back to keep it from spinning around once tightened down. Hmmm, I'm a problem solver.

I'm sure I'll find a way to use it!


  1. Whats the diameter of the doorknob hole?

  2. Your escutcheon featured here:

  3. johnny! - The center is 1".

    Nathan - Thanks! Here's a clickable link to the Schlage ad picture for everybody too lazy to copy and paste.