Saturday, December 10, 2011

I Didn't Get Around To Unloading Frank This Afternoon. There Was An Estate Auction (Blegh) This Morning. Status: Scores!


Yeah, I know..."I Hate auctions blah blah blah", but c' was like ten houses down the street. How could I resist? Plus, once the auction got going it wasn't so bad as many of the buyers either got their fill or just left and it wasn't so crowded. I managed to snatch up this pair of Jens Quistgaard Fiesta danish modern iron candleholders by Dansk (along with a box of sundries) for $17.50. Not too shabby.


The auction had a nice (odd) mix of vintage modern and Federal / traditional. I've walked /

driven / biked by this home hundreds of times over the last couple years and never thought

I'd be buying up retro goodies out of it. Makes me wonder what's hiding behind the walls of

ALL the homes around here! I DID find that Kroehler surfboard coffee table in the "trash"

just down the street the other direction the other day. Hmmmm...maybe I should put out

a flyer.


These Dansk candleholders where sitting inside a small cabinet when I arrived but somehow

made it to the top of the cabinet before the auctioneer got to them so they were sold with

everything on top of the cabinet. I'm glad someone else knew enough to pull them out so that

they didn't get sold with the contents Inside the cabinet. I probably got them cheaper that

way. I've got to learn how to play this auction game.


I gave them a little cleanup but there's still some wax on them here and there. It's cool to see

that they were actually used! They really liked these as apposed to someone who maybe got

them as a gift and Never used them. Nice! The Fiest model must be kinda rare since I was

only able to find a few examples of them by searching for "dansk iron candleholders". I was

only able to find out the model name via an eBay completed listing for ONE that sold for

$46 + $6.34! I'll have pics of some of my other lil' scores from the auction later as well as

pics of the sale itself.


  1. Easy way to remove wax: put the candlesticks in the freezer. The wax will shrink as it cools and will pop off easily.

  2. hot water works to remove wax...and as Janeray says freezer does the trick too

  3. You are so going to become an auction convert! It doesn't take too many times of finding awesome stuff dirt cheap before you love it. I really like that style of candle holder.