Thursday, December 22, 2011

I Know It Seems Like Deja Vu But I Don't Control What The Thrift Gods Drop In My Lap! More Dorothy Thorpe Style Stuff And A Starburst Pyrex Decanter. Status: Cleaning Problem...Help?


Again, I found this lot over at the St. Charles Goodwill. I know it seems like I'm over there all the time but I (again) had taken the day off because I needed to take the rest of my vacation days from work lest I loose them at the end of the year. I finally remembered to go over to a shop in "Old" St. Charles that deals in some VERY interesting antique restoration items to pick up some caning for a project I'm working on and for realz, the Goodwill is on the way back to the highway. How could I not stop?
Man, weekday thifting is GREAT!  I got some amazing items.

I picked up part of this set last Thursday I think.  At least I

picked up four other chrome fade highballs from the same

Goodwill.  Seems like a big coincidence if they aren't part of

the same set.   The tall Martini mixer is in excellent condition

and so are the four additional Highball glasses except the

Highballs have what I believe to be hard water dried on marks.

I tried to clean them off with some Goofoff which will take

most anything off anything.  No dice.  Now I'm soaking one

as an experiment in a solution of water and CLR.  No luck

yet but I'm gonna let it soak overnight and see what happens.

I'll probably wake up to find all the chrome stripped off!  I'm

willing to take that chance to find out if this will work for you!

This is the same Goodwill where I found that terrific lighted

globe on the Lucite base a few days ago.  While I was there on

this particular visit I spotted a nice TV stand.  I have a co-

worker who asked me ages ago to find him a nice but cheap

TV stand, knowing that I frequent the thrift stores occasionally

as well as craigslist.  It was a good bet on his part that I might

DSCN5089find one sooner or later.  So yeah, I spot this TV stand but I

wasn't sure if he still needed one so I shot a pic with my phone

and texted it to him letting him know I need a yes or no ASAP.

He got back to me within just a few short minutes but it was

just long enough for another savvy shopper to pull the sale tag

off the TV stand.  Really?  I texted him back to let him know

the bad news.  Then I decided to ask the tag holder if they'd

DSCN5093be interested in "selling" me the opportunity to buy the stand

for $5.  She was more than happy to just give me the tag but

I was determined to Pay Up!  I really had to convince her to take

the money!  So instead of $12 I paid $17 for the TV stand.  Then

I just gave it to my co-worker as an X-mas present.  He used to

give me a ride home from work almost every night for about a

DSCN5094year.  It was the least I could do! After paying for and loading

out the TV stand (I wasn't taking any more chances!) I went

back in to get the vintage goodies.  The last thing I found was

this neat Pyrex starburst decanter.  I spotted a pair of these

exact decanters still in their packaging at an antique mall while

on vacation last summer but didn't buy them.  I've already got

some others like this too.  Oh well...toss them on the growing

pile.  I need to gather some of these extras up and put them on

my craigslist ads.  Smalls seem to actually be moving pretty good right now.  That will probably dry

up after the holidays though.  ::shrugg::


  1. Man, you must have bar ware coming out your ears! I really think this stuff finds you because here in Omaha I just don't find this nice of bar ware at all.
    Love that decanter.
    Let us know how the CLR experiment turns out. Merry Christmas :)

  2. I've also heard that you can drop a tablet of denture cleaner in the water in glasses with hard water stains and it will get rid of them. Good luck.

  3. Funny that I went back and saw this post. A couple weeks ago I found a similar Pyrex decanter thing at the Goodwill in Fairview Heights. Not sure if the link will work for you, but if so, here is a picture of mine.

  4. TTP Rachael - The CLR didn't do much if anything.

    Kim - I'm gonna try some denture cleaner, that sounds like it might work!

    Nick - I like the one you got! It has a little different neck and you scored the top with yours! Here's a clickable link.

  5. Say I just saw one of these decanters with a Jim Beam decal on it. Would you concur this is of same origin?