Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Picked Up A Really Cool Lamp Base This Afternoon. A Nice Match For The Last Multi Element Shade I Had Sittin' 'Round. Status: Together At Last.


Completely unrelated to the lamp: Has anybody else seen the American Masters PBS series on Charles and Ray Eames?  I watched it tonight on KETC Channel 9, our local public television station.  It was quite informative but dizzying in the amount of info they had to go through.  I felt like they could have broken it up into four or five hour long shows and still would have had to skim the surface of a lot of the Eames' contributions.

Watch the entire episode here.

But enough about the Eames! Whatcha think about this fabulous lamp? Ain't it just keen? This

was languishing in an antique mall booth without a shade until this afternoon. Huh, I had a

shade languishing away in our spare bedroom without a lamp!


I'll be dropping this on my craigslist ads soon...tonight maybe? The Lagniappes (nice local

folks from south city) got my last one so if you like it act quick. The danish daybeds never

even made to my ads before a lucky reader snatched them up! Maybe you need a nice retro

lamp for your own joint...maybe you need it for a gift for your style challenged friend!


It's a beauty with its brass base and glossy black and gold orb. The shade is in excellent

condition which, if you thrift much or hit the flea markets you know is hard to find. And this

is the last of the full size multi tiered shades that I have available. I'm just glad that I was finally

able to locate a base that did it justice. I'll probably start finding tons of lamp bases now.

That's so the way it goes. Don't worry, I'll probably buy every one of them!


  1. Sometimes ya just got to wait and the matchups find themselves! Looks great..

  2. Nice combo, catch the Eames special on PBS.org anytime.

  3. A Mod - Serendipity...it's Mr. Modtomic's maiden name....wait...uh...nevermind.

    John B - Thanks for the info / idea! I've embedded the preview above and provided a link to the entire episode (as there was no embed button).