Saturday, December 31, 2011

I "Picked" Up This Gondola Style Sofa This Morning And Just Managed To Shoot Pictures Before Heading Off To Work. Status: That's Right...Daily Blogger / Full Time Worker.


I got this to replace our current gondola sofa in the livingroom because it looks a little less "chunky" but it won't work.  It needs to be backed up against a what to support the seatback cushions.  Our gondola sofa is against our front windows and there isn't anything to push up against!  Fail.


The back "support" looks cool.  It's got kind of an Asian look to it.  Too bad nobody will ever

see it!  It's not constructed in a way that can actually support the seatback.  All that is holding

it upright is a couple of "L" brackets.  Yet somehow this has survived probably 50 years!


As you can see above the backing has some small one inch pads attached to it to keep the

back from marring the wall.  I'm sure there is a way to more stoutly attach the back upright to

the base but I'm not dealing with it.  I love that the who shebang is a total DIY danish modern

gondola style sofa daybed!   You see stuff like this in the odd vintage DIY Furniture book but

rarely see the finished product.  It's supper solid and I believe built out of a couple of interior
doors and some Formica on the "end tables".  Some of the feet are missing but can easily be

replaced down at the True Value Hardware store.


The Formica is in excellent shape...but of course, it's FORMICA!  The upholstery is also in

great condition except for some very minor sun fading.  It's soft and stretchy too.  This sofa is

going to make somebody out there Very happy and Very comfortable!  The cushions are also

nearly perfect as far as I could tell in the two or so hours I was messing with them this morning.

They have retained their shape and are plenty soft.


The seat upholstery looks funky in the pics.  It was all sorta twisted in the center from being

used and I only had time to get it back to what you see here.  I'm absolutely sure it will look

perfect with a little more massaging.  It was Really twisted and I was able to get almost right in

just a few minutes.  Don't ya just love that Orange!  It's so bright and fun.  I think it looks great

against the seriousness of the woodgrain Formica.


All of the legs are attached with brackets that allow for straight or splayed orientation.  I prefer

the splayed setting as it lends more of a "Jetsons" look.  One of the brackets is missing it's

screw in the splay possition but again, this will easily be remedied with a quick run to True

Value.  They keep these brackets in stock!  They sure did build the platform to last.  There is

plenty of support under there.  I wish the back brace was as "over engineered". I guess they

had a plan and knew they wouldn't need to place this anywhere but up against a wall.


So this is going on one of my craigslist ads.  I kinda paid more than maybe I normally would

have for this as I was expecting to keep it...and I think the elderly sellers where happily

surprised how much I offered them for it.  It won't be sold for what I paid but I ain't going to

make a mint off of it either.  If you peruse craigslist as often as I do, you know that these don't

come up very if you are local (or even driving distance) and you'd like to snatch this

up shoot me an e-mail via craigslist. Happy New Years Eve!  Be Safe.


  1. We had acquired a homemade version awhile back that was very well done back in the 70's and didn't last long in the store...

  2. I absolutely love these. I'm looking for a new (short) one to replace our current gondola sofa in the front room. I'm finding they are all so long though. Beautiful color on this!!

  3. The post is saying that heshe picked up Gondola style sofa. The post has shown beautiful sofa