Sunday, January 1, 2012

I Know I Know...I'm Late...C'mon...It's New Years Day! Of Course I Had To Recover. Check Out My Buddy's Raymor Barstools. Status: 1 Down - 364 To Go.


We celebrated New Years Eve on the South Side like a proper couple of St. Louis Hoosiers!  We had a delicious dinner at The Shaved Duck where we absolutely stuffed ourselves silly then headed over to my good friend Kevin's joint to drink and have Hoppin' John at midnight.  We bought him these vintage Barstools for his birthday about 4 or 5 years ago.  Arthur Umanoff?


It was a small gathering but Kevin's home is small so it was intimate.  A full third of his living

room is taken up with a full on bar so of course we goaded him into hosting the New Years

Eve party this year.  Oh, and he makes the best Hoppin' John!


Years ago, when I first met Kev and started hangin' out with him he had four of these Gilbert

Rohde style "Z" barstools
.  We had lots of after hours parties after the local bars closed and

these poor knock offs did their best to keep up but they eventually failed.  They look cool but

it's just a bad design for a barstool.  Maybe for a plant stand they'd be fine but not a good

base for a drunken idiot!  The chair above was probably found in the ally.  It's pretty cool too.

  I found a breakfast set with matching chairs on line but I couldn't ID it.  Probably another

anonymous Raymor product.


Have you ever seen this style of barstool with arms?  This is the ONLY set I've ever seen...and

I have put in countless hours searching the web for vintage modern furniture and at retro shops /

antique malls!  Not necessarily looking for a match to these but you know how it'll

be searching for an ID on one thing and run across something else you need to know something

about.  I did that this morning trying to ID a chair I spotted on criagslist.  It was a DUX

knockoff but it took me a little while to figure that out...and while doing that I spotted a picture

of a DUX rocking chair that looks a lot like a Wegner design.  There was a rocking chair on

craigslist that I had seen a few weeks ago that I though might be a match to that...but it wasn't

a too was close but no cigar.  Hope everybody had a fun and safe New Years Eve!


  1. Just wanted to pass along something I spotted on Craigslist that might be right up your alley. Do you have an email address where I can send it?

  2. Looks like a fun time for all! We spent the last half of the evening on our front porch watchin' neighbors pyrotechnics and the first half working on my sofa...

  3. Jesse B - You can contact me through any of my craigslist ads if you like. I don't like to sift through spam so I don't leave an e-mail address here. Thanks.

    A Mod - No pyrotechnics here...just south city idiots shooting their guns in the air. That sofa is da bomb!