Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sunday Late Afternoon / Early Evening Thrift Scores. Status: Nice Smalls


I stopped by a couple of Goodwills on the west side (St. Charles area) on Sunday after making a craigslist run and managed to procure a few little niceties!  Wineglasses, Salad Fork-n-Spoon and Dip Bowl to match my Chip Bowl!


Am I crazy for thinking any glass with etching on it like these is vintage?  I mean, these otherwise

would be just regular ol' wine glasses, right?  But it's hard to find wine glasses that are obviously

vintage and look cool, so when I found these Sunday they were joining their brothers and sisters

in our collection of barware.  Oh, and isn't that wine holder cool?  It's not vintage as I'm pretty

sure it came from Pier 1 and you can still buy them new, but I did get it cheap at a thrift store a

short while back.  It's actually kinda useless as it only holds one bottle of wine.  Unless you are

drinking alone one bottle ain't really gonna be enough.  But I guess it's nice to display a special

bottle.  The St. James (local Missouri winery) Velvet Red ain't really special...it was just

convenient to reach.


I got the chip bowl a while back at one of the antique malls down on Big Bend.  I just got

it because I have some glassware that kinda matches with the same colors.  But then I spotted

the matching Dip Bowl at the Goodwill!  I didn't have a huge haul Sunday but finding a

matching piece kinda made up for it!  What are the chances?


Lastly, I picked up this killer Salad tossing set!  I'm pretty sure these are pressure formed walnut.

  They look unused.  One of the little decorative tabs was painted black inside the teardrop

shape but it was chipped a little and the other one had no paint at all so I used a Q-tip and some

Goof-Off to remove the rest of the paint and made them match.  All told?  $3.60.  Oh snap...

Sherlock is starting on Masterpiece Mystery / PBS.  I'm wrapping this up!


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    1. It was so cool to find that little bowl! I actually had to tell the checkout clerk all about how it was gonna match a big chip bowl I already had and how great it's gonna look together and when I have parties people are gonna fail to notice but I'm gonna point it out like a big nerd.....