Sunday, January 8, 2012

Stopped By A New Little Shop Today Down On The South Side. Didn't Go To Shop But Ended Up With This Anyway! Status: "CatStump"


There's a lot going in the Lou' these days.  It's kinda weird.  Because of the unseasonably warm weather it feels like spring!  Perfect days to check out one of the many new shops and places to pick up vintage modern goods that are springing up lately.

There at least two new shops that have opened in the recent week and at least one new antique

mall type joint that has been open for a short while as well.  I've been lax in my duty to get the

411 to you on any of this.  Sorry.  I'll do better!  I managed to drag my tired butt out of bed

this afternoon around 1:30pm and barely get down to the south side and visit one of these new

shops this evening.  I've been working the overnight shift from 9:30pm to 6am this last week

and it's super hard to get back to my regular schedule.


This newest shop is called Momoderne and is a bricks and mortar of the eBay sellers

. We dropped by with just the intention of shooting pics for the blog. I don't

really "shop" the shops too much because I'm such a cheap bastard. Something has to

really jump out at me for me to even check the price tag and then it has to be priced

surprisingly (to me) low for me to close the deal. Check and Check! This cute little Stump

Kittie was coming home with the Mr.!


I'm thinking this a maybe a married piece. It's hard enough (that's what she said...sorry couldn't

help myself) to find a picture of these Scandinavian stylized kittie figures so finding one perched

on a burl is kind of impossible. I gave up. When I got it home and started to take some pics for

the blog I noticed that it wasn't sitting quite level. Oh...that would never stand. I got out the

wood rasp and went at the bottom of the burl to get it to sit up straight! It didn't take long since

the burl is kinda soft and I've got a wicked wood rasp.


If you look at the first pic above you can see the green line that kind of shows how the whole

thing was sitting at an angle.  The circle is pointing out the little "foot" that was making the base

un-level.  I shaved it down and all is well now.  The last photo shows all my little "danish

kitters" as well as Kennedy's final resting place, the little treat bowl with the orange lid, and

my pair of Dansk candle holders that I got from the auction down the street a few weeks ago.

It all seems to fit together somehow!  By the way, that lamp...that was the first item I used

the Minwax Antique Furniture Refinisher on!  It was a hot mess before and I kick myself for

not taking a before picture to show what a good job it did.  That was a couple-a-bucks thrift

store lamp too.  I can't remember where I got the shade but they look good together

dontchya think?  Expect a full posting on the new Momoderne shop soon...probably

tomorrow or monday!


  1. That's actually pretty cool looking... I like cats anyways but I like the style of that "catstump"

  2. I don't think I would have noticed your "repair" unless you metioned. Really nice "pussy" you picked up! And the lamp is pretty damn swell too!