Monday, January 23, 2012

Snnniiiiifffffff...Mmmmm. Smell That Cedar! Need A Place To Keep Those Wool Blankies Away From The Moths? Status: Just In.


There is a small (41" wide) area between our fireplace and the outside wall of the house where we have our TV.  It's really the only logical place for the TV in the room. Right now the TV is sitting on a round blond coctail table that is also supporting a 400lb "fatback" 36" Sony HDTV that gave up the ghost a while back.  The new TV thoroughly hides the old TV so it's been that way for a while, but I'd like to someday find just the right case piece to replace the coctail table and get rid of that old TV.

I really thought I had it this time.  I got this beautiful Lane Perception cedar chest this afternoon

and it's so close.  If it was about an inch or two less wide it would fit right in the space.  Looks

like nobody made any case pieces 40" wide which makes a certain kind of sense...3 foot plus

another half foot is 42".  Who's gonna make a cabinet at 3' 4"?  That'd be just weird!


Like, wouldn't that little drawer be a great place to keep the remotes? And one could cut a few

holes in the back or bottom (I know...perish the thought!) in order to house audio / video

equipment.  I have this remote thing that will let me hide my remote controlled items completely

out of sight.  And one of these days, when I find the right item, I'll finally get to use it!


So for the moment this Lane vintage modern cedar blanket chest gets to keep being a blanket

chest!  Look inside at that cedar.  It looks to me like the cabinet is made of cedar with a walnut

veneer.  Wouldn't Cedar be the more expensive wood?  I'd think they'd make the cabinet out

of walnut and put a veneer of cedar inside.  Oh well, that's the quality of older furniture!


Ok, I give...what is that little drawer on the bottom for? I haven't got a clue. It looks like a

silverware drawer or something. It's lined in green felt. Is that a clue? Maybe for golf tees, balls

and gloves? I got nothin'. I mean, this is supposed to sit at the end or a bed and store blankets,

right? So it has to be bedroom stuff...I think. Anybody?


  1. Maybe the drawer is for storing jewelry? Nice cedar chest!

    1. i was thinking the same thing shelly. but that doesnt seem like the most functional place for jewelry? although...maybe it is meant as a secret hiding space for jewelry since it doesnt appear to have a handle and is tucked back a bit?
      let us know if you figure it out mr mod!

  2. Nice lines and looks like it's in great shape. I'm not too sure about using it as a TV stand though. Probably better left to its original task of looking gorgeous in someones MCM bedroom....

    1. I agree. Great piece, but having to take the TV off the stand at the change of every season would be a pain. And it would be a shame to let all that cedar goodness go to waste.

      Speaking of good pieces, my daughter and SIL were just in your fair state and found a trailerful of wonderful things, including lots of Brasilia.

  3. I looooove the Perception line!! I want this so bad, but have absolutely NO place to put it. :-(

  4. Oh, man, I wish I was anywhere in your vicinity - I want it!

  5. i m a huge fan of the perception line...this is a lovely chest...i saw one but it was beyond my price point..the seller listed the lower drawer as the glove compartment.

  6. These were often used as "hope chests", where a young lady would accumulate items for her wedding and future married life, so that lower drawer was most likely for the young lady to keep what would be her good silver.

  7. Nice! It's a shame it didn't fit, but I'm sure that you'll find somewhere to put it. Did you see the Lane Acclaim cedar chest on CL the other day?

    Also, come check out my last post. I have a rug dilemma and it's a bit of a doozie!

  8. We just got a beautiful one of these chests, if anyone is interested in it let us know.

  9. This is belated, but I acquired a cedar chest with a lower drawer that had its original label. It says that paper, metal, plastic, and leather items may be damaged by cedar oil and its vapor, or interfere with its moth-protective qualities for fabric items (by absorbing the aroma instead of allowing it to permeate). So the bottom drawer is made of wood other than cedar and is disqualified from the original moth-protection warranty, but allows you to store items that should not be in the main chest. It makes some sense as my mother, as was her habit, lined the bottom of her cedar hope chest with newspaper in 1942; when I cleaned it out in 2004, the newspaper was quite saturated with cedar.

    1. Belated or not it's good info to have and I'm sure that some day someone will be happy they found your comment!