Saturday, January 14, 2012

Some Folks Might Think That I'm Omnipotent And That I Snatch EVERY Cool Thing / Amazing Deal On Craigslist. Status: Not So. (Another Year End Wrap Up)


Swing and a Miss! "solid wood and in excellent condition. It has a hinged drop down desk." This was only a Hundred Bucks! I called and COULD have had it but I stupidly passed on it because I had had a busy weekend and probably had bought a bunch of stuff at an estate sale or something and the unit was one piece. It would have been hard to get home. Like I said. "Stupid" Look inside for 9 more near misses!


"The only reason I am selling the set is because I recently received the Eames lounge chair

as a gift." Wha??!!?? Must be nice! Again, just a single Benjamin ($100). I think I e-mailed

about the set and just never got a reply. I'm sure it sold as fast as the seller hit the "publish"

button on craigslist. Ain't that a beautiful set? All ya need is a white Persian kitty to sit on your

lap as you contemplate world domination.


Finding a good looking sofa table is hard. Check out this one. It listed for the grand sum of $10.

"Works great behind a sofa or in an entry way! Only reason I am selling is because I am moving

out west and need to downsize!" Don't know how I missed this one. Now I has a sad.


I was in lots of contact with this seller but we never seemed to be able to connect. The marble

kinda turned me off a little but I still liked them. The two pieces were $50. I shoulda tried

harder! Lane?


"Set of end tables, good condition $10.00" these weren't exactly local but there was

another set of tables near where these were and if I could have gotten them all it would have

been a coup! I didn't get any of them. :(


This was the other set of table that were near where the above set were located (Columbia Mo.

area). "2 end tables brown oldies solid - $30" I'd have been happy as a clam to drive a couple

hundred miles and drop $40 for all four of these gems! It just never materialized.


I know I kinda bag on the Lane Acclaim tables but..."COFFEE TABLE AND 2 END

TABLES - $25". They had me at all wait...I mean $25. But alas...these were had

by somebody else.


Only one picture but it got my attention. But in the text: "6 drawer dresser, very big. Light oak

finish, 2 end tables with it. Excellent shape". That's right...a pair of end tables (mayhaps

nightstands?) and all of it for just $200. Again in Columbia Mo. I love when I read "but I live

in a rural community and there's never anything good on our craigslist". It's not so, it's just not

as much fun to keep searching since it doesn't pop up very often!


Sure, it was just a knockoff but it's still a beautiful Isamu Noguchi design. I would have happily

had it for the asking price of $50. Listed just as "Coffee table - $50" with "Great shape must

see." as the text. This is a good example of why you can't just search "mid century" or "danish

modern" to find the deals. Still...I missed it.

But the one that makes me really grit my teeth? It's not the dining table and chairs with original

upholstery...or the china hutch and commode like Dan's...not even the buffet / bar / server (I've

already got mine!) No Sir-E-Bob. Look closely at the pictures of this fine Broyhill Brasilia

dining room suite.


Do you see it? Are you all "WTF is THAT?!?!" like I was? There...on the far right of the last

photo. It's some sort of Brasilia glass shelf curio. I've never seen one before. I spotted this set

early last year and fretted over it being so far away...Papillion, NE...which is an 8 hour drive

one way from St. Louis. I coulda done it but damn...that's a long long day. It turns out I know

the guy (in KC) who bought the set, less the little shelf. He said that the shelf sold separately

for $300...BY ITSELF! I can't remember what he told me he payed for the rest of the set but

it was all listed (with the mystery shelf) for $1500. Not a bad buy. I even e-mailed the seller

asking if they could send me pics of the crazy shelf. I got nothin.

So you see, even I miss out on the occasional killer deal...but you gotta be quick and vigilant

(or lucky!) if you wanna beat me to the good stuff! See ya on the "list".


  1. i miss out on stuff all the time..cos i won a know what u mean!!

  2. Ouch, It would have hurt me to miss some of these deals. There's always another day and another hunt though...Makes you appreciate the good days though.

  3. I scored that same room divider at goodwill for $15. Yes, fifteen bucks. According to the date on the tag it had been out for 3 days before I got it. I can only assume it didn't go quickly because it doesn't come apart and required a pickup or van to move. The craziest part was that sitting next to it was a nasty walmart grade entertainment center priced at $75. Amazing how some of this stuff gets priced.

  4. I definitely feel your pain... me being a poor college student, I can't simple drive a couple hours away to buy something awesome that I see on craigslist anymore :( I did however see those Lane Acclaim tables when they were posted for $25 a while ago and I wanted them. I think I shot out an email but never got a response. I would have thought you were the one who snagged them up!

  5. We sold that same room divider in our store.

  6. I passed up the exact room divider because of the transport issue and because it's doors had been removed. The doors were with the piece, but I didn't want to mess around with that.

    Those unique Brasilia pieces are amazing! Especially that shelf unit. Even if you couldn't get these, you know that they are out there...somewhere.