Monday, January 9, 2012

New Shop In The Midwest Alert! Stop By And Partake Of The Vintage Modern Abundance. Status: Weekends Only...For Now.


Mmmm...isn't this a tasty piece of vintage modern lounge chair beautificence?  By far this was my favorite piece to photograph as well as lust after down at Momoderne, one of the newest venues for us to drop some dosh on fabulous house bling here in St. Louis.  I just couldn't find a bad angle to shoot this from!  The only problem was getting a couple shots off before it got snatched up and taken home...things were moving fast at this inaugural sale.


Location Location Location. Years ago I used to park on this very corner to hang out at the

OLD Way Out Club (one of the coolest dives in St. Louis...GO!) but it has moved and, other

than occasionally driving past to get to the other part of Cherokee Street, I've not really been

down this way for anything.  Apparently I haven't been paying attention.  There's a LOT going

on here on the West end of Cherokee Street!  I was flabbergasted by all the car traffic that

was going both ways at this corner this Saturday afternoon.  And it seemed to be working.

There were people, who had been driving by, poking their heads in the shop going "what's this

all about then?".  THAT is exactly what a business like this needs.


...And it looks like there is a whole artsy "thing" happening right here at this corner! Momoderne

is right across the street from the STL Style folks where you can pick up a lil' sumpthin' to show

the world your TRUE love of St. Louis. Lots of their stuff is inside joke / local colloquialism

oriented so if you don't "get" something there just ask...I'll be glad to translate. Maybe I can get

them to make a "Mr. Modtomic in the STL" T-shirt for me! Would anybody buy that? Anywayz,

right next door to STL Style is Fort Gondo compound for the arts. This appears to be a venue

for art installations and live performances. Nice! The corner here at Cherokee and Compton

reminds me of the resurgence of Maplewood, my original stomping grounds!





The proprietors have impeccable taste and for the most part know there stuff although the Kent

Coffey Perspecta below was mislabeled as Broyhill Brasilia (no big I've said before...

it's up to YOU to know your stuff as much as a shop owner!).  They have been selling on eBay

way longer than I've been into the vintage modern.  For real, I've learned a lot from them and

their items on eBay and their photography has been a heavy influence on my own imagery

endeavors!  Like I told one of the owners, sex sells.




We arrived at the shop at around 2:30pm and they had been open for a while already.  You'd

have thought they had been open for a week by all the SOLD tags dangling off this or that.  I

don't know if it was just cuz of their "grand opening", couple of craigslist ads or their local

notoriety but they were kinda packed and selling stuff hand over fist!  I was impressed.

Unfortunately that means much of what you see in these pictures is now gone.  




No worries, as you no doubt have noticed...there's lots of vintage modern in St. Louis to be

had by all.  While the joint looked a little barren when we left I'm sure that Anna and Luby will

have it filled back up before you read this.  If you aren't local, don't despair.  Since they pack

and ship items for their eBay sales I'm sure they will ship anything in the store though I failed to

ask and confirm this presumption.




The quick sales Saturday look like good news for turnover.  I don't as a rule make trips to the

retro vintage shop to buy but like I said yesterday, I did manage to find a "must have" without

even looking!  Maybe I'll be down here on a more regular basis.  The hours as of this posting

are Saturdays and Sundays Noon to 5pm with some exceptions to coordinate with events at

the other local establishments.  They have an online presence but it doesn't appear to be up to

date with respect to the shop.  I'm pretty sure many of the items featured there have been sold

via eBay but it does have some contact info if you are interested.




  1. I spotted some pretty sweet looking chairs in there just waiting for somebody to take them home!

  2. Oh... we need more stores like this in California! Great photos!

  3. Ah, yes! Kent Coffey. We bought that about 10 minutes before we opened. Didn't even occur to me. Will change that ASAP. Thanks for the super nice write up and photos. We both really appreciate it. It was nice meeting you on Saturday and I hope you guys can make it in again soon. We had that cat for a fear years on the fireplace. Glad it found a new home! Neat to see on the blog!

  4. My eyeballs are just hanging out! I WANT to come to St. Louis and see you people! And thank you Mr. Modtomic for letting us know about this...

  5. Thank you so much! We are also on Facebook under MoModerne for weekly photos :)

  6. Looks like a pretty sweet setup. I'll have to swing by and give it a look.

  7. I have been looking for that Pioneer turntable for over a year. I noticed it had a sold tag on it..........

    1. It was on hold, but it is now for sale. Thanks!

  8. Wow, cool store and awesome inventory. I'll take the slat bench, the nightstands, the blue lounge chair with matching ottoman....... drool