Friday, January 20, 2012

Oh Wow, I Forgot I Had This! It's A Nice Little Danish Style Stool In The Manner Of Hans Wegner. Status: ESB From Last Summer!


I forgot all about this little danish stool! I got it at an estate sale last summer. It resided in the living room for a short while but at some point it made its way into the garage and well...out of sight, out of mind.

It was sitting on top of something or another that I had to move last Monday when I had to pull

out that Heywood Wakefield table and chairs to get some pics of it for a possible new owner.


It's not in A-1 condition but it's not so bad that I'd pull it all apart either. I think a little selective

use of super glue might help tame those stray pieces of rope. It's structurally sound so I don't

really see a reason to get too crazy with any "restoration" ideas!


There are no markings on it but it looks a lot like a rocking chair and a pair of folding chairs

that were all marked "made in Yugoslavia" that I used to have. Don't the sculpted taper legs

just look lovely? I have a feeling this will be on my c-list ads soon. I don't have time right now

to update them (just got home from having a birthday drink(s) with a buddy!) but maybe if I

can find a few minutes this weekend. Sorry if I haven't been prompt in getting back to c-list

inquiries. Work has been busy and I've been doing some OT and other stuff has taken some

of my time. I try to answer everyone as soon as I can.

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