Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Buffet Is Long Gone But They Didn't Want The China Cabinet Top! Status: Mmmm...Leftovers!


This china top was left behind by a couple who drove down from Minneapolis about a year and a half ago to pick up a Brasilia bedroom set. They snatched up the bottom half of it to use as a TV stand I think and didn't have a use for this. I had seen plenty of these on the web paired up with short legs to make nice curio cabinets so I was happy to keep it.

I find little tables and whatnot with hairpin legs all the time at estate sales and have a lot of

them just sitting around in the garage so I thought I'd slap a set of them on the Broyhill Brasilia

china top.


Well, the idea is sound but these legs are maybe a little too tall. Once I got the china top up on

them it didn't look quite right. It looked better once I got it up against a wall so maybe it's fine as

is but I also have a shorter set that are currently attached to a not so sturdy bench that I picked

up at the Wentzville flea market last spring. I've offered this up to fellow bloggers over at Living

since they posted the other day about wanting just such an animal, but if they don't act

fast I'm going to put a shorter set on it and put all of our DVDs in it!


Only thing is...I wish it had doors all the way across the front. The areas on each side aren't so

useful for storing things you need to be able to access. I'll have to just use that area for display

and use the center for DVDs. Not that there's anything so wrong with that. I've got plenty that

needs a good place to be displayed! Plus then I'll have all that area on top to put a few ashtrays

or something.



  1. If Living in Analog doesn't take this beauty, I'd definitely suggest putting shorter legs on that piece (a la the item posted on It just looks so unstable/wobbly with those long legs!

  2. Mr. Modtomic -- I've been thinking about this hutch/cabinet since you emailed . . . It's gorgeous but right now everything in the room is getting very "leggy" - the daybeds we scored from you, the MCM buffet sofa, the magazine rack, the Eames rocker -- everything's on legs! I think (for our storage needs) we need something more grounded and less leggy. (And also something with some closed storage to hide some of our clutter in our small bungalow). Plus I think you need somewhere to display all your collections! Thanks for thinking of us though - I love love love the hairpin legs. Cheers - CT

  3. Perhaps someone could set it on a cloth covered dining rm table with the leafs down. Those legs would give me a heart attack if it should tip.

  4. looks great...short pencil ones would have been cute too

  5. I have to agree with Sudha. I think some pencil style legs would be better and you could go with something around the 12" variety. It needs to be up off the floor enough to appreciate sithout looking too unstable. Full china cabinets are getting harder to sell as everyone is looking for the credenzas only. Putting some type of legs on a china top is a great idea for the curio crowd though!!

  6. He should just give it to me since I have the base it could sit on. ;)

  7. Hairpins make EVERYTHING better. Always on the lookout for extra sets myself!

  8. What length do you recommend for legs on a piece like this? I am stuck in the same situation with people leaving china cabinets behind and I need to get rid of them. The auctions won't take them and I'd hate to throw them in the dump.

    1. Hi Mandy

      MUCH shorter than you see here, maybe 6" - 9" at most. You can also use wood taper legs that you can pick up @ your local True Value hardware store. This turned out too wobbly. And BTW...Happy Thanksgiving!