Saturday, January 28, 2012

Two Vintage Wooden Purses Via The Girlfriend. Status: Babe Boxes.


Weird, right? But they are kinda cool. I think we picked up the white washed one at an estate sale, sans the Betty Page embellishments. I came up with that bright idea and started messing around with it's implementation one evening long ago.  The "babes" on the second, woodstained purse came with it.


The pics I put in the little frames on this purse were just printed on a cheap printer on cheap

paper and were not meant to stay.  I just wanted to mock up what it would look like with some

cool Bettie Page pics in there.  I never did get around to finishing the project (gasp...really?).

I'll get to it...some day.  I think I kinda had to talk the Girlfriend into wanting the purse to begin

with.  As purses go, I think it's got a great Rockabilly Chick vibe going for it.


Looks like a couple of earrings got forgotten in it.  Check out the fitted mirror and classic tweed

patterned cloth interior.  Gosh, I sound like I'm selling a car or something!  As you can see I

only got around to fitting the front three frames with pictures.  It was a lot of work trying to find

the right picture in the proper arrangement (landscape / portrait) and then resizing it to fit the

frame and printing it off.  I could probably do it a lot easier now that I've had a bit more

experience with photo editing.


So then we spotted this sorta doppelganger at the thrift store and my first thought was "spare

parts!"  I think the Girlfriend has caught my "three's a collection" bug though.  We haven't spotted

a third yet for me to test my it remains a just that, a theory.  Those three face shots

on the end are eyebrow raising.  Kinda scary a little bit.  Someone really wanted to show of

their kid!


It's not quite as fancy with just a stain for a finish and just red fabric and a round mirror inside.

No leather clasp either.  But that's the thing about thrifting...beggars can't be choosers.  You

buy what you find or just leave it behind.  It's kinda neat that they both still have their tags

intact.  And they both still work.  No broken hinges or clasps.  But without a shoulder strap, I

don't know how useful these really are.  There I go thinking like a guy though.  I know...I get it...

I mean, how "useful" are 4" stacked heels?  I really shouldn't know what stacked heels are

should I?

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  1. Hi from Kansas City! I found your blog via Retro Renovations, and when I saw this post it brought back a lot of memories. My aunt had one of these bags back in the early 70s. Her's was shaped just like these, but was painted a light blue and had decoupaged native-American designs by Ted DeGrazia. It was awesome! Awesome looking, but not very functional. She complained that it got heavy when you put more than say, a lipstick, in it, and with that handle on the top, it was pretty clunky to carry. Thanks for the cool trip down memory lane!