Sunday, January 29, 2012

Wanna Do A Little Shoppin' With The Mr.? Gus' New Shop - Vandeventer Vintage - Is Up And Runnin'. Let's Take A Peek Inside! Status: CLOSED.


The Girlfriend and I FINALLY got down to Mid-Town and had a chance to peruse Gus' new shop Vandeventer Vintage on...wait for it...Vandeventer Blvd. Keepin' real...and real simple!  Won't you join me on a little tour of the new facilities?


You might remember Gus' old shop that was located in Soulard from this post last year. He's

changed location and just barely gotten open but is still showing signs of great taste.


There's no shortage of case goods in the shop. Floor space was at a bit of a premium though!

It gets kinda scary scootching around trying to position the camera for shots when things are

tight. Gotta be careful cuz I don't wanna be bringing home stuff just cuz I broke it!

Hey Dana, ask the SIL if he recognizes the

(totally awesome!) three legged tub chairs

on the right!  Gus was telling me this story

about an auction in southern Missouri he had
attended recently that had a load of Brasilia

that he lost to a buyer with Texas plates.

DSCN5603I put 2 & 2 together and remembered this!

For everybody else...according to Gus,

they are currently, as of 01-28-12, available on eBay.

I wouldn't get tipsy in these or things might

get...well, tipsy.  Of course I gotta show

DSCN5613 some Scandinavian kitty love.  See that

Lane Perception coffee table on top of the

other surfboard coffee table?  It's gone.

A buyer made off with it while we were

hanging out talking.  People were coming

and going.  Stuff be moving.  Word.  Gus

said sofas move quick so if you find yourself

digging this long vintage modern unit to the right

you might want to head down there quick!


You'll find a good variety styles, from retro to contemporary modern, as well as price points.

Looking to find a bargain?  Bingo.  Wanna drop some bank?  You Sir or Madam, are covered

as well.  The Heywood Wakefield desk was in what I consider bargain territory.  I didn't check

out the price of that amazing George Nakashima style slab coffee table but I bet it would

require some bank!


Of course I can't shed a little light on Gus' new joint without shedding a little light on the lamps.

Finding great lamps can be a pain.  That's why shops like Vandeventer Vintage (and my craigslist

) exist.  We don't mind doing the legwork.  Heck, we kinda like digging through thrift

store after estate sale after flea market...all so you don't have to!


Then, of course, as with Gus' previous place there is the basement. Let's take a little look down

there and see what treasures we can turn up. There's not nearly as much down there but then...

who wants to drag a bunch of stuff up and down those stairs? Too much like work. One must

prioritize floorspace and I'm thinking anything going into the basement would have to me light

and easy to move.


I guess I'm the only one who thinks this way. Those dining sets look plenty heavy to me.  I

KNOW the oh so killer red and black planter is pretty heavy.  I had to drag it out from behind

the blond dining set to get a good picture of it.  If only I could keep plants alive...I'd so have

dragged it on up stairs and out to the car.


There were a number of loose single chairs hanging out in the basement too.  Don't hesitate to

check out the basement when you stop by.  Gus will remind you that it's there but don't let

yourself get distracted and forget.  You'll likely find a bargain down there, especially if you can

do a little refinishing or paint work yourself.


At this moment the shop is only open on Friday and Saturday 11am - 6pm.  It being a mostly

one man operation, he has to allow himself time to find, clean up and arrange (and even set up

shipping sometimes) all this glorious booty.   I'm sure he'd show items by appointment as well

and since he's handing out cards with a phone number on it I'm sure he wouldn't mind if I gave

it out here.


So if you maybe can't make it by on a weekend during normal hours you might wanna

give Gus a call at 314-652-1437. The address is 1437 S. Vandeventer St. Louis Mo



  1. I still haven't made it to MO Moderne and now this place too! Lucky for me it's near the Southside because I have some shopping to do! Thanks for showcasing all these great places. Cheers - CT

  2. Awesome. I will be passing through St Louis soon, so who knows... I might be able to steer my MR in the right direction and drop in! The goods are better than good for sure.

  3. I'm just going to have to plan a vacation to St. Louis one of these days, but with all the great places you post about, I'm going to need several weeks to cover it all.

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  5. I have yet to visit your fair city but you sure make it enticing...We may have to make a swing up your way come spring. Weather is too nice here in Tampa right now and I'm up to the nether regions trying to get our new store up and running... :)