Tuesday, January 3, 2012

While Not An Actual "Best Of" List...This Is A Compilation Of The Most Viewed Posts Over The Last Year. Status: The "Best" (As Always) Is Yet To Come!

best of 2011

Here we are again.  Last year I made a list of "best" scores or fails.  I hadn't been blogging for a whole year back then so I couldn't do a "best" of my blog.  This year I scrolled back through all the post and tallied up the most viewed and well, here it is.  Most viewed Postings by yours truly for the last 365 days!



The top post for the year only just made the list!  A few days ago my blog got a serious

bump in views courtesy of another (BIG TIME) daily blog called Galadarling.com.  A link

to the Wigwam Village post appeared on her list of "some of the best things I’ve read

" and the view count for the post went through the roof!  I think I must have had

an additional 1500 page views from that little shout out!  Read the full Wigwam Village

post here, if you missed it before, in another tab



Number two on the list is the Lane Acclaim refinish post. This was an experiment on a

matched pair of cheaply acquired Lane Acclaim end tables. The pair had some pretty rough

spots on the finish but are solid and unscratched / dented / chipped. I just wanted to see

how my refinishing skills would work on them. Truth be told...I've never finished refinishing

them! They are still out in the Garage waiting for additional attention! Check out the Full

posting in another tab here if you've got a moment



This one was a biggie! I'm really proud of this posting and for my own "best of" list, this

would be on top. This all started on Lottaliving.com on the message boards. I kept reading

comments by this guy who lived somwhere in St. Louis. He had a stylized pic of himself as

his avatar. Then one day he came to buy something from me. It took a while but I finally

recognized him and we became good acquaintances. We both have a thing for Broyhill

Brasilia and when he had his home about done he was kind enough to let me come by to

take a bunch of pictures for the blog! Check out more here if you somehow missed it the

first time around



This posting was so much fun. I had staked out an estate sale to snatch up a Huge set of

Fransiscan Starburst but ended up making a good friend...and almost loosing my toes to frost

bite! I already had a great collection going so I split the set with Illuminate who showed up

WAY too late to score the whole set! I obviously kept most of the best pieces for myself but

she got the lions share of the basic set. Read the entire sorted affair here in another tab!



I realized I had all these pictures from various estate sales littering my camera's SD card so I

dumped them all onto one post. I had kinda fallen off the wagon with estate sales. I lost interest.

Then I saw a great post on Retrorenovation.com where Pam had gone to an estate sale where

everyone had ignored an amazing Vladimir Kagan coffee table. It reminded me that it could

happen anywhere...anytime. My faith was restored! See all pretty pictures and my rablings on

here in another tab



I love that St. Louis has great shops. There are TONS of thrift stores, lots of antique malls and

a handful of retro shops. There are a few that have stuck around for a long time and more that

didn't make it. Sadly this post was about one that looked like it had so much promise...but in

the end it lost grip too. I've been hearing around that it's supposed to resurface in another

location. I waiting and hoping. Gus and his Pop are good guys as far as I can tell and they have

great taste. Check out the shop before it disappeared here in another tab and join me in my

good thoughts and hopes that they do reopen sometime soon



I love these factory churned out vintage '60s paintings. I have quite a number of them. I find

them in print and "original" form at the thrift stores now and then. I had to find out if they were

worth anything. Not really. Nothing more than their aesthetic qualities since there's nothing rare

about them. But I still love them and apparently so do many others out there. See more about

the Lee Burr / Reynolds paintings here


Sold: Kent Coffey Perspecta Dresser

I guess there isn't much information out there about Kent Coffey. I don't know much about the

company or even all the different vintage modern designs they produced. But I guess every little

bit that gets contributed to the interwebs helps. I wish I had taken better pictures. These are

from way back before the blog and I just wanted to get some pics on craigslist to flip the set.

Check out the full posting here in another tab.



This was / is probably the best place in St. Louis to get your vintage modern fix. I you need

something specific and you need it now, look no further. The prices reflect this. They aren't

outrageous but I doubt you'll find them to be a bargain unless you are in from one of the coasts

or perhaps Chicago. Still, I highly recommend the place. They have the best selection for miles.

Oh...and this posting is from their old place in the Tower Grove South area. They've

moved since <--Link to new shop posting
. Check out the original post here in another tab.



This last posting was just a way to help get rid of a set of Brasilia chairs that I didn't need. I

took them off of Dan's hands to help him get his garage cleaned out and didn't really need

them myself but figured they'd move pretty quick. They did. Lot's of people are looking for

Brasilia pieces out there no doubt spurred by the prices they see on eBay. I thank the Brasilia

Connection for every penny I get out of the Broyhill Brasilia items I've moved! I've had people

come from many states away to pick up Brasilia pieces over the years, including these chairs!

Read more about the chairs here in another tab.

So there it is! My top ten for 2011. Hope you see something you fondly remember or discover something cool that you didn't see the first time around.


  1. Nice work Mr. Mod! Just wanted to say that Gus and his pops have re-opened just about two blocks from me on Vandeventer in Forest Park Southeast (Just north of 44) He did a preview of his shop on Jan. 1 and is officially opening I think later this week. I have to say that his new shop space isn't quite as nice as the layout in soulard, but the convience to me means I'll be stopping in more often!

    PS, I think we walked right by each other in the Galeria the other day, but I wasn't thinking quick enough to introduce myself. Dang!


  2. Momoderne opening in Saturday on Cherokee across from stl style and fort gondo. Tons of mid century stuff. Photos and info on their Facebook page.

  3. My favorite was the home tour with all of the Brasilia. It's always fascinating to see how people have designed their personal space and its a great way to inspire a few ideas for your own.

  4. Phillip - Thanks for the heads up! I'll try to stop in there this week and check out the new place...maybe take my camera with me. And yes, oddly enough, I was at the Galleria briefly this weekend. The Girlfriend was convinced that there was a Dell shop there and I want to try out a Dell Duo Convertible (laptop / touchscreen tablet), but there is no place to buy a Dell in there. I think she just wanted to drag me around a mall. Fat chance. I did discover another product that day though by Asus called an Eee Slider which is kinda similar but more of a tablet with a slide out keyboard. I like that idea but would still prefer the flip screen laptop Dell.

    Anony - I promise, I'll get over there and check it out as soon as I can.

    Nick - I'm particularly proud of how nice the pictures turned out as I was kinda rushing since Dan had other obligations that day and I didn't want to keep him too long. By the way, Dan has put the Brasilia desk that was featured in that posting (& was at one time mine!) up for sale on craigslist.

  5. My favorite is of course the Starburst story! Best. Sale. Ever.