Sunday, January 22, 2012

In Town For The Weekend? Need To Find A Cool Watering Hole? May I Suggest The Way Out Club? Status: Rockin' The South Side.


The Way Out Club in South St. Louis (2525 South Jefferson Avenue St. Louis, MO 63104-2307) is one of the best places to see a good punk rock band or a high energy rockabilly show while getting your Pabst Blue Ribbon on. I don't get down there as often as I used to but The Way Out is still at the top of my list of cool dive bars here in St. Louis.


The Way Out Club started out down on Cherokee Street just across the street from where

Momoderne's new shop is.  I was dragged there by a band that I was trying to join (never

panned out) and was imediately smitten with the joint.  Soon after they moved the Way Out

to an easier to find location near the corner of Jefferson and Gravois.  This was previously

the Palms as the still lit neon sign outside attests to, but is now the home of the fabulous Way

Out Club.


Owner operator couple Bob and Sherri have been pouring it on since Way Back in '94.   They

have built not only a great bar and venue for local and national touring acts but a reputation for

being excellent hosts to hard working talent and the hard drinking locals.  They are some of the

friendliest folks you'd ever want to tip for their time and effort!  Don't be affraid to introduce

yourself and tell 'em your story.  You'll have a friend for life.


Yeah yeah's not the Pageant (in U-City) but the stage is plenty high so that you can see

the band even when the house is packed.  The sound is adequate and is usually at least as good

as the band.  The house gets the job done.  The room is an odd mix of cafeteria, museum and

rock venue.  Your first time will at least partly be spent just looking at all the vintage stuff all over

the place!  It's the kind of place that makes me want to order drinks by their proper

a Greyhound for my buddy Kevin and a Sloe Gin Fizz for the Girlfriend.


Additionally, there are two semi-separate rooms at the Way Out Club (as well as a small

amount of outside patio up front in the warmer months).  It's great if you are just looking to

hang out with your friends and have good conversation since you can sit at the bar and the

band won't be so loud and you don't have to concern yourself with being rude by yelling over

them.  You can even sit at one end of the long vintage bar and still watch the band through the

large door between the two rooms.  I think that they still serve Pizza or some sort of food.  I

know I've eaten there before but it's been a long time.


::Sigh:: Why are all the cool places on the South Side? I'm way up in North County and it's a

long drive home after having a few cold ones. If you happen to hear that the Trip Daddies are

playing there drop me a note. Maybe I'll be able to attend and we can have a drink together!


  1. Ahh! It's all coming together...As a south-sider myself, spending enough time out of the house you see all the same folks and pick up bits and pieces about everyone story. That's the same Bob of Bob "Scratchy" Records, host on kdhx, right? AND, a pretty good musician himself.

  2. Phillip- I can see the resemblance but Bob of Bob's Scratchy Records is actually Bob Reuter.

  3. o-m-gz! totally Retro Roadmap worthy! As soon as I get caught up on my Retro Roadwriting I'd love to add this to my collection, I don't have nearly enough entries for states far away from us! Keep 'em coming, and will let you know for sure when we are in your neighborhood!