Friday, January 27, 2012

A Very Special Episode Of Mr. Modtomic. Need Some Fine China? Status: Come-N-Get-It!


Mother Modtomic gifted this very pretty set of Sone China (Japan 1964) to me a few years ago I think because A. She knew I'd like bamboo motif, and B. They didn't really fit the style of items she sells in her antique mall spaces. Unfortunately I never warmed to the platinum or chrome edge. Too stuffy for my taste, so in the same spirit that the set came into my possession I will be pass these onto one lucky reader!

So here's the got a nice china cabinet but lack that special set of fine china to display

and only bring out on Thanksgiving and the like?  The first person Who Has Purchased From

Me In The Past to leave a comment below Gets This WHOLE Set For Free!  The lucky winner

must pick these up here within 3 weeks, I ain't shippin' or holding them for you forever.


It's a very nearly complete set for Eight.  It's missing all but one of the saucers and it needs one

more salad plate.  The sugar bowl lid is cracked and repaired.  There are plenty of serving

pieces and other than the sugar bowl lid, it's in very very nice condition.  All of these missing

pieces can be found on eBay or of course.


It's the shiny finish I think that puts me off.  It's just too formal for my devil may care style!  But

it sure would look sweet in somebody's china cabinet needing a nice matched set of dining and

serving pieces. 


It's just been collecting dust out in the Garage in a cardboard box and it's just to beautiful to

suffer a fate like that.  I could sell it, sure.  It'd be free money!  But I think I want to reward

someone who not only has relieved me of some other item but is also a loyal reader of the

blog...and is quick!  Leave a comment below and we'll work out the details via e-mail later,

hopefully this weekend.



  1. Well, of course I had to post even though i haven't purchased anything YET. I have inquired about a few things, but have never pulled the trigger, ya gotta be picky when you are out of a job. I do however read your blog everyday, its the firstone I check out. I also can pick up TOMORROW! I just thought I'd give it a try!
    Sue (from here in town)

  2. no wait, I can pick up today depending on the time

  3. Great set, Mr. Mod. I'm sure it'll make one of your fine reader's days!

  4. Heh. Liz and I need something just like this to fill up that wonderful cabinet we picked up from you!

    Plus, I think we owe you guys dinner anyhow!


  5. Ding Ding Ding...We Have A Winner Folks!

    Sorry Sue, I gotta stick to the rules. Looks like Tim & Liz scored the Sone China set. Tim & Liz bought a Kent Coffey ( piece) china cabinet from me a few years back. This is actually their SECOND freebee score off the Mr. I gifted them that long Kroehler "surfboard" coffee table as well. They asked to borrow it to use as part of a set for a ZOMBIE movie they are working on, then thought that maybe they'd like to keep it afterword and asked how much I wanted for it. It didn't cost me anything and I hadn't really done much more than wipe it down, so I just gifted it to them. I hope to see it refinished one day!

  6. no problem, no harm in trying though

  7. What a cool thing to have done, Mr. M! FYI, I just linked to your pics from Kenrick Antique Mall (I'm going to have a booth there starting in a couple of weeks, and they inexplicably have no website). Let me know if you mind, and I'll take it down.

  8. IF you had sold this set what would it have gone for do you think. I have a 12 piece set missing 2 cups but all the serving platters, creamer, etc that I want to sell but no idea how much would be a fair price or even where to start