Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I Picked Up A Beautiful Kent Coffey "Foreteller" Bedroom Set This Afternoon. I Bet It Could See Me Coming A Mile Away. Status: C'mon...Foreteller? Get It?


Finally!  Vintage Modern stuff getting blogged about again!  Did you miss it as much as I?  Well this is a Big Set to make up for lost time.  I spotted this set on craigslist a few days ago just listed as a "bedroom set" but was surprised to find it a complete Kent Coffey "the Foreteller" bedroom set with TWO nightstands!

Maybe it's me but finding a bedroom set with a matched pair of nightstands seems like

kind of a big deal. I know it was a pain finding a pair of nightstands for our Broyhill

Brasilia bedroom set
. I actually drove to Chicago to buy one of our nightstands (and a

queen bed) to complete our bedroom set. Am I the only one this crazy? I see lots and

lots of Vintage Modern bedroom sets with only a single nightstand (actually there is one

EXACTLY like this available on St. Louis craigslist with only a single nightstand right

now!). I can understand if there isn't room for a pair but I crave symmetry. I feel like

having a matched pair of nightstands will be an advantage in finding this set a new and

loving home.


The headboard (no footboard was available) is intended for a Full Size bed, but at 58"

from tip to tip along the top it is only two inches shy of 60"...the size of a Queen Size bed.

I'm sure it could be adapted with a little ingenuity and would look fine on a Queen Size

bed. It would only be one inch shy on each side and it is such a great looking headboard.


Look closely at how the grain in the wood of the drawer faces continues from the drawers

along the outside, through to the drawers in the middle and on to the other outside drawers.

That is some sweet attention to detail if you ask me. It's not a detail that everybody would

notice, much less care about yet the Kent Coffey company thought it was important enough

to include in the aesthetic design of this Nine Drawer dresser.


There is a beautiful mirror that attaches to the top of the Nine Drawer dresser. Kent

Coffey seems to put a lot of energy into designing the elaborate (for Vintage Modern)

mirrors for there bedroom sets. The side drawer's handles ad a nice detail to an otherwise

stark danish modern style design.


Also included in the set was a tall Five Drawer dresser. Look at those beautifully sculpted

pulls. Lovely aren't they? I was surprised to find this set was still available as I didn't see

the ad right away. Then, it was one of those situations where one person placed the ad for

a relative who didn't have internet access. So I didn't get a reply directly but missed a

phone call from the actual seller. Then I e-mailed through the ad again thinking maybe my

first e-mail might have gone to their spam. They replied saying that the actual seller had

called me and left a message. Ah...then I checked my messages and sure enough, they

had. So after about four days I was finally able to get over to see the set today! Two car

trips later it's sitting in front of my camera and waiting for me to post it in my craigslist ads!

I even told the seller that I would be reselling it myself if I could. He was fine with that and

just happy to have it out of his garage!


  1. Very nice!! I would love to find a matched set of bedside tables (matching dressers would be a bonus). I'm so jealous of the MCM availability you have in the STL.

  2. Nice set! I agree that the pair of bedside tables is a plus.

  3. Have to agree...Super nice set! The veneer for the drawer faces was likely cut out of one long piece for each set and it is a very nice professional detail touch. It' also nice finding a set like this as a "bedroom" set!

  4. Wow! Gorgeous! I love the nightstands.

  5. Hi,

    I have a Kent-Coffey bedroom set that I am interested in selling. It is not in great shape but it is a nice design. There is a nine draw dresser, a five draw dresser, 2 bedside tables, and a headboard with storage and a sliding door. Any interest? I am in NYC.



  6. Hi, I have a kent coffey bedroom set (perspecta line) for sale. It's the headboard, nightstand, and the dresser with mirror. See my craigslist ad:



  7. I have a Kent Coffey Greenbriar for sale. Birmingham, AL.