Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hittin' The Road For Vintage Booty. Danish Daybed Treasure Spotted In Columbia Mo. Status: Got.


I was off work Thursday and Friday so I took the opportunity to scrounge through the "outer ring" of craigslists including Springfield Il., Cape Girardeau Mo. and Columbia Mo. These are all within easy daytrip driving distance from St. Louis. The St. Louis craigslist was yielding nothing but the same old "bumped up" stuff so finding these in Columbia Mo. was a breath of fresh air.


Maybe "breath of fresh air" is the wrong phrase since these have been spending time with four

animals. Yeahhhhh.....wrong phrase indeed. The previous owner tried valiantly to eradicate or

at least mask the pet aromas with something like carpet fresh but it just ain't workin'. At least

the upholstery isn't otherwise perfect so reupholstery isn't going to be a hard choice to make.

Well sorta. The back cushions covers seem to be ok. But for real...they all should be done.


I had to fill Frank before hitting the road. 335 miles on 11.7 gallons...that's 28.6 MPG mixed

city and highway! Not too shabby, right? This is why I insisted on another Ford Focus Wagon

when the former Frank Focus Wagon gave up the ghost at 200,000 miles. The car is light and

agile, which makes it fun to drive...has tons of cargo room for hauling all this crazy stuff and

gets great gas mileage! I did a lot of looking around for anything better (at a price I could

afford of around $7,000) and nothing seemed close. I can't recommend buying a Frank for

yourself enough!


Yup, they both fit INSIDE Frank. Ok...it wasn't exactly a comfortable drive home with the

front seats pushed pretty far forward but it was easier than strapping them to the roof. And I

still would have had the "aromatic" seat cushions laughing at me from the back of the car either

way. Then, even after stuffing Frank with these two sofas, I still stopped at a couple antique

malls and found room for more!


The Danish style platform "daybed" sofas are a little banged up and need a good rub down but

the bones are there and they are solid. I'm hoping the seat cushion foam can be salvaged. The

backrest cushion foam seems good. That's the harder part to replace so that's good. You

might recognize the Hey / Wake square table back there between the two sofas. It looks great

with the set and I'll probably make a "package" deal with the sofas and table when I get them

cleaned up enough to list. I'll see what Mother Modtomic thinks about recovering the cushions

and possibly have them done as well. I've got some great dark blue material that looks very

much like the blue danish sofas I bought on Halloween night but is slightly darker. I might use

that. We'll see.


  1. Maybe you could try getting the cushions professionally cleaned? That would be a heck of a lot cheaper than new upholstery.

  2. hey
    wanted to know if these day beds are sturdy..they look so sleek

  3. I still don't know how you fit everything into that van. While I have been finishing my classes....you have been having a great time! By the way, the bowls we bought from you are wonderful! And the fridge we bought is now in use. This weekend, hope to finish the Fridgidaire Flair so we can have the electrician in. Keep the blog post coming!

  4. bopfish - I got too busy doin' other stuff (shopping...I won't lie) but it's a moot point. They have already moved on to another blogger CT and JT of Analog Living fame. Hopefully we will see them there in all their re-upholstered splendor soon.

    Sudha - They are indeed very sturdy. They are well built and a simple design. The uprights for the back brace are solid iron.

    Lagniappe(s) - ::sob:: you missed our Nightmare Party! Wha-happend? I need to drop by some time and shoot your joint for a blog post. You have an a spectacular home and I'm sure everybody would love to check it out!

  5. Oh my gosh...I have been looking for a set like this. My grandmother had one when I was growing up. Hoping I will get as lucky as you with this find.