Thursday, December 1, 2011

Mr. Modtomic Don't Go In For That Subtle Stuff. The More Space Age The Better! Status: Better....Much Better!


Barware doesn't get much more Modern Atomic than this! These are some items I've had for quite a while, but they've been over at the bungalow until now. These two pieces are some of my best scores to date.


I can't remember where I got either of these two bar aids. I probably got this shaker / mixer

at a thrift store. Ever had something so long you've kinda forgotten how incredibly cool it is?

This battery powered mixer is totally one of those items. I mean, battery powered...starburst

decorated? How undeniably cool is that?


And it's in unused condition! Normally an item like this would have been put away with a battery

in the compartment which would have then leaked and corroded and made a general mess. Plus

look how nice and clean the little mixer propellers are! Sweet.


This might be one of the best scores ever. $4.95. I even left the little price sticker on the bottom

to remind me! I'm weird. I know. I must have picked this up at an antique mall somewhere. The

tag has a booth number on it.


Again...very clean. It's a little scuffed up from the years but there aren't any dents or dings! I've

only ever seen one other ice bucket like this for sale. It was up in Chicago at the Edgewater

antique mall
. I can't make out the price on the tag in the pic but I'm pretty sure it was more

than $4.95!


  1. That bullet ice bucket is the friggin' bomb!

  2. I have a cocktail shaker almost exactly like that...except it doesn't have propellers. It has an open diamond-shaped piece for a stirrer. I have a new camera, and while I'm experimenting with it, I'll shoot a picture of mine and send it to you.

  3. The ice bucket is AMAZING! An I totally get the leaving the price on things, we usually put the recipets/ price tags and put them in our ever growing Time Capsule Samsonite "Hat Box". awesome Scores!