Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Thrift Store Pickin's! We've Been Falling Down On The Job A Little Where Thrifting Is Concerned But Here's A Little Somethin' We Got Lately. Status: Bright And Shiny!


It's Orange...it's plastic...the Girlfriend never had a chance.  There was no way this wasn't coming home with us.  She loves the color orange and...well, you already know how she is about plastic.  I spotted the plastic ware and showed her the set and picked up the coffee decanter for myself.  It's a Fred Press!


This is a nice little set! I love the Orange / Confetti color of the plastic. It's pretty thick too.

Designed to last! The color makes me think of a Dreamsicle. Mmmmm, remember those?

And Push Up Pops? Those two are some of my favorites. You know...if you mix Vanilla

Vodka and Orange soda it tastes just like a Dreamsicle!


I thought this set would match some other Orange plastic ware that we picked up lately but it

turns out that the other set was more "streaky" than Confetti speckled. Thinner too. But the

Orange color is just about the same. You know what we could use this set for? Ice Cream!

With warm caramel or something in the "gravy" boat!


Or I could just brew up a pot of coffee, serve it out of this great Fred Press decanter and

into the Orange Confetti cups! Neah...that'll never happen. I ain't got time to be brewing no

coffee. This is just for collecting and looking at. Maybe selling. Anybody want a nice piece

of Fred Press to ad to their collection?


  1. We must be in parallel thrifting universes these days. We have a set of solid orange Melamine similar to yours in our Etsy store and a Pyrex coffee carafe with an electric warming plate. We also have an Anchor Hocking juice pitcher with a starburst pattern and orange plastic trim. Love your Fred Press...and thanks for the tip on the vanilla vodka and orange soda.

  2. Mr Modtomic, thanks for the love over on my side of the world. I love the Pyrex coffee pot! I have been keeping my eyes peeled for one of those around here. Unfortunately the Biscayne pattern is very hard to find down here in Texas. I have found several other patterns that i intend to post up in the next few days. Most of my Biscayne pieces I had shipped to me from Iowa on a craigslist posting I cam across, managed to get around 100 assorted pieces for a very reasonable price! I love checking out your blog and hope you come back to mine!