Wednesday, December 28, 2011

More Thrifty Vintage Drinkware Swag! Status: All Kinds Of Gorgeous!


Another nice lot of vintage glassware made it's way to our humble abode.  Some I needed and some were just a really great find.  I've never found any interesting Martini glasses before.  Are they vintage?  Dunno!  Ever seen Rollie Poly glasses like these?  Me either!  Three starburst small rocks glasses?  Thanks Thrift Gods!


I found these Rollie Poly glasses at the Family Thrift in South County. First I found just a single

glass and was disappointed that there was just one. "Too bad", I thought. Then, further up the

aisle, I spotted four more! Uh oh, an uneven number. I bought them all anyway! I just have to

keep telling myself that I have a spare in case I break one. What would you call the decoration

on the sides? A chevron? An arrowhead? A boomerang? I'm kind of at a loss.


While I was pulling some glasses from the dishwasher (that doesn't work so well, so we use it

as a giant drying rack!) I somehow managed to break one of my four small starburst cut glass

rocks glasses. It barely moved but "banged" another glass hard enough to detonate and I was

left with three. Luckily I found three more almost identical glasses at the Value Village down

the road from home! There are some minor differences as you can see in the second photo

above but I doubt any of my thoroughly plied friends would be able to tell the difference...or

really long as that happy juice keeps a flowin'! So three and three of each will do.


Then there are these. Finally! I've been trying to find some cool "vintage" (are they?) martini

glasses for quite some time. The starburst cuts give the glasses a vintage vibe but it doesn't

necessarily prove vintage-ocity. The starbursts really stand out nicely against the pale blue

colored glass. If only I could find about ten more like these! I guess because these are more

delicate than most other dinkware they are less likely to survive the years of use and make it

to the thrift store or antique shop. I don't even see them at estate sales! Where are all the

good martini glasses?!


  1. Love those chevron/ arrow glasses; the starbursts are pretty sweet, as well. There has been a derth of cool glassware round these parts for quite some time.

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  6. Wow. Very beautiful. I love them all. And i'm sure my mom would love it too.