Friday, December 23, 2011

Just In Time For X-Mas! Winter (?) Glassware Found In Garage And Unboxed! Status: Straight To Craigslist!


I woke up late (noon) and had to get my morning (well...afternoon) sorted quick.  I had to meet a buyer of one of my myriad of Flip Clocks at their work.  It was a gift and they needed it quick.  I was more than happy to oblige since it was close but that meant that I had to forgo my normal routine of taking pics before work.  That's right's a house of cards around here with me bumping up against my self imposed daily deadline EVERY time!  So here's another post pulled out of thin air for your blog perusing critique.


I didn't have anything "ready" to blog about when I got home from work so I poked around

the ever giving garage and found this box that was well marked yet unopened since we

moved here more than two years ago! Nice! Winter wonderful glassware. I actually had

the stylized "pinecone" glasses on my craigslist ad a long time ago but I only had five at the

time. Then I found three more (it was a "no way!" moment, let me tell you) at the Value

Village thrift store down the street making an even set of eight. You all know how I am

about even sets.


The above glass is from the original set of five.  Perfect condition.  How great are these?  Can

you pick out the Juniper berries?  Again...sorry about the flash photo.  Had to be done.  One

of these day's I'm going to construct some different colored backdrops for this area since it

seems to have become my default studio.  Gold against gold could probably be improved

upon...and it seems like I have a lot of gold stuff.


This one is from the three additional matching glasses I found later. They have been through the

dishwasher a few more times it seems. There is some loss around the horizontal "cones" but it's

not so bad as to be a distraction. Don't they just reek of winter holiday dinners and parties?

How about a Sloe Gin Fizz?


I have a nice big ten piece set of these white starburst glasses. I have no idea where I found

these. Probably one of our many thrift stores. When I find something like this I buy it. Do I

need it? least not yet. But who knows, I might need it later. Maybe I'll find a pitcher

that matches or a set of dinner plates. But since I've had all this stuff for a few years out in the

garage and didn't even remember...well I guess I can live without it. To the craigslist ads they
go!  By the way...did you notice the different layout of yesterday's posting?  Did you like it?  It

was brutally difficult to get it to look like that but I think I can cut and paste off of it to

replicate it again.

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