Friday, December 9, 2011

I Took A Little Roadtrip This Morning To Columbia Mo. To Pick Up Something Cool But Stopped And Shopped A Few Antique Malls Along The Way. Status: Extra Goodies.


I went on a little craigslist snatching roadtrip this morning after seeing an ad late last night (really, early this morning...wait...yesterday morning...this gets so confusing). Anyway, the ad was for something good (no, not the pole lamp!) for really cheap. I thought for sure that would already be gone but the seller got back to me right away. So off I went this morning!

I'll share the craigslist booty when I can get good pictures of it, probably tomorrow. I got

home too late to pull it out of Frank and take pics. Sucks that it gets dark just a couple short

hours after I get out of bed these days!


I haven't had much of a chance to hit the antique malls out near Mid Missouri in a while. They

have some pretty sizable malls out there. I spent a good couple hours in each of the two I hit.

I was surprised by how much Vintage Modern there was available in them. I picked this Pole

Lamp up in the Veranda Antique Mall. I don't know how long this one has been here but I've

never been in it before. I was going to take pics of the mall but I planned on hitting another

and needed to save my batteries. Sorry.


This was priced very reasonably and in a booth that was having a 20% off sale! Lucky me. I

screwed some colored comp. flo. bulbs in and am trying to figure out where to place it. It

looks great. There were plenty more cool items to be had there. I spotted a nice set of Oneida

Russel Wright American Modern reproduction dinnerware priced to go in the same booth that

had these Federal "amoeba" glasses and pitcher. I didn't pick up the Oneida but I recommend

checking the place out if you are driving highway 70 near Columbia mo.


These pieces were from another antique mall in the area who declined my invitation to feature

photos taken at their business. No free advertising for them. Sucks too, cuz some of the booth

owners had some amazing pieces that were just too expensive for me to bring home. I did

manage to find some bargains though. I'm adding this nice "swung" glass vase to my growing

collection. I don't often look for these as I just don't trust my instincts for being able to tell a

vintage piece from a newer piece. I just end up buying what attracts my eye and seems

cheap! The pink Iroquois Russel Wright plates were cheap enough to buy for daily use. As

a matter of fact, they already have some utensil marks. Finding a Ben Seibel Harvest Time

bowl was just a nice bonus!  Dana, looks like I'm totally turning into you!


  1. half my family is from Columbia :) glad there were good finds to be had!

  2. I love the lamp,it's groovalicious!

  3. I love the lamp, too- it's SO fabulous!

  4. I'm a sucker for pole lamps and managed to pick one up at our last stop on our recent road trip. Hope to get pics up soon...Looks great with the colored bulbs!!!

  5. And now you have JEALOUSY going all over me! I collect the turquoise "Ameba" glasses and almost ahve a set of 16, but I never knew there was a Pitcher to go with them!!!! How cool, just one more thing to add to the list of "Wants" haha

  6. LOL It's crazy how many of the same things we've been finding recently. And even though I don't collect swung vase, my daughter does, so I buy them for her when I see one that really catches my eye.