Sunday, December 18, 2011

Coolest Mod "Doll" House Ever? It Needs A Lil Work...And Some Furniture! Status: YeeHa! 500 Posts Today!


I have a real hard time calling this a "Doll" house, but what else can it be called?  I found this DOLL house initially on eBay where it failed to sell, but I noticed that it was located in Springfield Il. only about a 120 miles from home.  I often check the craigslists of the periphery cities around St. Louis for good stuff and when this didn't sell on eBay it made it's way onto c-list.  A road trip was in order!


I've noticed on a number of other vintage mod(ish) blogs that there is a surging interest

miniature vintage modern. There's miniature furniture available that is totally "to scale" (right

down to the price) and realistic looking. Some folks are building cool cubby shelves to show

there minis off too. Others are building there own doll houses AND there own furnishings for

them! I wish I had that kind of time and...well, desire to do it. I've been too lazy to finish

putting the house I have back together!


See...lots of extra parts! I think they are all there though. One of the long trim pieces that frame

the front door is broken in two but I think I can fix that. I might have to paint them all but it'll

still look cool. Maybe paint the front door a bright orange too!  When I bought this, the idea

was that maybe I'd start collecting small furniture for this and stop filling the real house with too

much stuff!  It didn't really work out that way.


Yeah, it kinda looks like a gut rehab right now doesn't it? I think the interior walls need some

color. There's lots of inspiration on places like Apartment Therapy and Design*Sponge for

wall color. I mean, AT is supposed to be all about small spaces, right? Doesn't get much

smaller than this! Note that there is electical wiring and lighting in this house kit! Neat, huh?

But wait...where's the bathroom. I want to put in a pink tile bathroom!  Also, one of these

rooms needs a Malm style cone shaped fireplace, don't ya think?


I wonder if there is some sort of covering that looks like roofing material that can be applied to

the roof of a house like this? Something that looks like cedar shakes would look amazing but

for anything approaching a realistic look, I bet it would be expensive. I grew up on an Elm

street in Maplewood Mo. though this wasn't the address...I don't think. I can't really remember.



  1. That's very, very cool. If I had a granddaughter, I'd look for something exactly like that! And congrats on the 500th.

  2. Thanks for 500 posts - love to read you daily!


  3. Wow! I think Emily Henderson of HGTV fame is having some kind of doll house decor contest on her blog. Yours is awesome!

  4. Congrats on 50o posts and heere's to 500 more!

  5. Great house, you know you need to paint, wallpaper, and furnish that baby - and congrats on 500 posts!