Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Kaaa-Pow! How's This For A Pink Bathroom?! Pics From The Estate Auction Down The Street! Status: Tell Your Eyes I'm Sorry.


Is this not the most "WOW" bathroom Ever? Sad to know there is NO WAY this one will be saved. It's both amazing (I'd totally keep it EXACTLY as is!) and seriously garish. It's like a page out of one of those late '60s early '70s Better Homes & Gardens decorating books come to life! I'm smitten.


It's just so beautiful! The decorator of this joint had ZERO fear of color. Orange, Pink, Green

and White. It's not for everybody, that's for sure. I wonder if the former owners were ever

scandalized over it? Did people go home from the weekly canasta game talking about it,

shaking their heads and clucking their tongues? I found it funny that the Master Bath was not

at all daring like this one. It was so subdued that I didn't even bother to think about shooting

pics of it!


Speaking of the Master Bedroom (right...I was actually Master BATH that I had

mentioned...oh well), this killer American Of Martinsville vintage modern bedroom set was

snatched up by the lovely lady (and hubby) that had sold me my Selig Z Chair!  You can

probably expect to find the three piece set at their shop / antique mall called Funtiques in

Springfield Mo.  One of these days I'll take another trip down that way and shoot a feature

on the place. It was amazing the time I was there.  Lots of great stuff.  I almost tried for the

little TV table you see above but I was busy with other stuff when this all was sold.  Check

out the door handles on the sliding closet doors.  Cool, huh?


In the living room there was this seriously mod fireplace.  Take a gander at that tile.  Too bad

there were no Mod andirons.  I've been trying to find some Mod andirons.  I did bid on and

win the Mod fireplace tool set...but I was WAY at the back of the bidding pack and didn't

realize that they had sold the wood basket separately.  I thought I was bidding on the whole

kit and caboodle only to have the winner of the wood basket approach me to ask if I had won

the tool set.  You see, there was another Wicker Basket sitting there next to the fireplace.

That is what I had inadvertently "won" with the tools.  Auctions...::shrugg::.  Anyway, I sold

the winner of the WOOD basket the tool set for what I had bid on them so that he could have

the matched set.  No harm, no foul, no big deal.  He was happy.  I couldn't find a "signature"

or date on the Jere-esque art piece that was hung above the fireplace on the panelled (?!)

mantle.  I don't know what it went for either. Oh look, there's my lamp / table / magazine

rack! I wasn't sure I was going to get it so I had to shoot a pic of it just in case!


Once's down in the basement where all the interesting things are! I was VERY

intrigued by this TV cabinet with tambour sliding doors. It was in great shape and already

had the TV electronics removed. Half the job of making this into something cool is already

done! I was busy when this sold so I missed out on it.  The three piece living room table set

just wasn't quite my style so I wasn't around when it sold either.  The danish style dining set

was one of the items that drew me to the sale.  I had already dropped about $120 so I

decided not to throw my hat in on this.  I think it went for about $125.  Dirt cheap and I'm

kinda kicking myself but I didn't need it and I don't have room for it.  It didn't have a maker

mark on it either.  I looked all over the net for a comparable to find out who made it before

the sale and found nothing.  I was thinking Baumritter but I don't think so.


Under the Cards posters is a really cool 'fridge that would look perfect in our kitchen as it

was a perfect match to our Hardwick Debutante oven and range. But we've already got a

'fridge that looks almost exactly like that less the tobacco sunburst...and it's not down in a

basement needing to be dragged up and out. The green "Star Trek" chairs were also a draw

for me. Unfortunately one had a hole in the green vinyl AND they went for, I think, $95. I

didn't write down the winning bids so don't rely on my memory too much! The coarse

canvas artwork looks familiar to me. Anybody know anything about that?


That was a nice piece of Red Wing pottery. I like the pitcher shape but the decoration on it

didn't do too much for me so I didn't bid. Oh, and there's my console stereo that I featured a

few days ago! Yeah, this was fun dragging up the stairs...all myself...just me and my

dolly...and my back brace / weight belt. Actually, I have a good dolly with pneumatic (air

inside) tires, so it came up the stairs fairly easily. Anything much heavier would have been a

pain and I might have had to request some help. It was amazing how utterly gutted the house

was by the time I got the stereo out of the basement. I have to hand it to the auction format...

it get's the stuff gone! Wish I could have bid on that bathroom though.


  1. As crazy as it may be... I would leave that pink bathroom intact. It is incredible.

    I would love to hear the gasp from people seeing it for the first time.

    And if I was ever to come across rolls of that crazy pink floral wall paper. I would BUY it. I adore the crazy bold pink/orange stuff from the this time period.

  2. Wow. You weren't kidding when you said that bathroom was LOUD. The place I was telling you about has a pretty similar print in the kitchen, though in slightly more muted tones.

    There are some really cool mid-century houses on the market in STL right now.

    I wonder if the Pujols poster has been defaced by a jilted Cardinals fan yet.

  3. Yup, that bathrooms is right out of a 60's decorating book. Pink and orange were never meant to go together, ever! defineltely would have taken a shot at the danish style dinette. I can't keep them in our store. Great pics!

  4. Wow - what an entertaining post! That canvas artwork is really cool... I want it on my wall now!

    And I LOVE pink & orange together -- it's the color scheme of my twin baby girls' room! If only I had this wallpaper when I was decorating it!

  5. You know I LUV it! No need to apologize to others' eyeballs!

  6. Oh, and posted to FB STPB:

  7. Wow! What a sale! And that bathroom - amazing. Love it and wouldn't change a thing.

  8. I lived through bathrooms like that (and decorated a few that way myself) when I was a newlywed in the late 60s and got it out of my system. I think I'll leave loving them in 2011 to you younger folk...LOL

    I would have tried to nab the table trio and the dining set. Things like that sell really well here.

  9. Text book 60's bathroom. Love the light fixtures!

  10. @Nick - I want that house! But, can I move it up here to Chicago?!

    Great post, Mr. Mod! Those dinette chairs look a whole lot like the Lane Perception line chairs, but they aren't. Close...but no cigar!

  11. OMG! Freakin' Love it and hate it all at the same time! Thanks for sharing. It was a laugh at loud moment!

  12. To clarify my previous post, I was talking about the groovy pink floral bathroom! LOL
    I am smitten with your console stereo. I haven't seen one like that before. It has a great Danish modern look. Is it working? I have one I love right now that the capacitors are going out on. Very cool. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Crazy & Amazing! ~Van

  14. That bathroom is CRAZY! Not sure I could handle that one..