Sunday, December 11, 2011

Large Format Estate Auction Booty. By "Large" I Mean Larger Size As Well As Price. Status: Yup...Mr. Mod Had To Open Up The Pocket Book.


This magazine bin / lamp / table was one of the items that drew me all the way down the street to the auction Friday morning. There was also a nice generic dining set that was pretty cool but I didn't feel like toasting the last of my dough on it since there were a few other items I had my keen little eye on.

This is one of those "keeper" pieces. A real Trophy, if you will. It was hard to keep bidding up

after the $75 mark but it's not like I'm going to run across one of these on c-list any time soon

for cheap, so...I kept bidding. 5 Andrew Jacksons latter it was mine. I didn't even realize until

I got it home that the "pouch" is made of suede. Nice! I was just assuming it was made of

canvas or vinyl or something. This wasn't some cheap piece when it was new.


There is some finish damage to the table top but nothing that diminishes the beauty of the lamp.

Like I've said before...a little wear and tear lends an item the air of authenticity. I'm down with

that. And while I'm still stupid "anal" about the use of coasters (had the Nightmare Before

Christmas party tonight!), should this acquire a minor water ring or something it won't be the

end of the earth since it needs a little finish work anyway.


I looked around a little on eBay for a comparable before the estate auction and couldn't find

anything value wise so I just kinda winged it. Even at $100 I don't think I did too bad and

can't imagine having found one much cheaper. $100 I don't think I did good enough

to "flip" this for great big chunk of change either! So, lucky me...I'll be keeping this!


I think I can live with keeping something so nice as this. I got plenty else to make a buck off

of out in the garage...and the spare the real bedroom...and in the living room...

ect. That makes spending what I consider a "real" buck on something like this and the Selig

"Z" chair
a little easier. Speaking of the "Z" chair...the very nice lady who sold me my Selig

"Z" chair down in Springfield Mo. @ Funtiques antique mall was at the auction buying up

some nice American of Martinsville vintage modern bedroom furniture which will likely be

available there soon.  Check 'em out.


  1. That lamp is great. Love the pouch, and score!
    I am with you, always willing to spend just a bit more if it is for myself.

  2. I love to stop in Funtiques! They get the most amazing stuff in there!

  3. Beautiful lamp! That would probably sell in our store for $400 or more, so I don't think you paid too much at $100...not at all. Good score.

  4. I scored one for $40, but it needs work because the previous owners refinished it in a dark cherry poly. Now I know what she should look like!

  5. Absolute score! I know what you mean about "keepers"; I've got a few finds that I could never aford if I found them at a mid mod store. Some stuff you just have to keep for yourself, like a present.

  6. Gotta say, this is a nice piece. Probably just a lttle Restore-a-finish and some steel wool and it would look good as new..I don't think I could command $400 at my store but could do OK with what you paid...Score!