Sunday, November 20, 2011

When The Thrifts Yeild Nothing...Time To Hit The Antique Malls! Status: More Pricey - More Consistent


OK, this might not be Vintage Modern but it could be! It's just reads that are cut and assembled in such a way that this amazing plant stand (I assume) is produced. It looks very much like a Harry Bertoia or Isamu Noguchi inspired piece but it's really just a really cool specific geometric shape...that happens to be kinda magical. Check it out, as well as a lot more cool stuff available at a couple local Antique Malls, inside! Treasure Aisle antique mall.


Cool right? I so almost brought this home with me. I was thinking about placing a white globe

light in the middle of this but I don't really have a good place to display something like that.

What sucks is that I can't find anything on the web like it. I'd love to know more about it.


Not Broyhill Brasilia but kind of a neat knock off! I like the danish modern handles on the lower

drawers. It's a little rough but I think it would clean up nice and the booth has a crazy 40% off

sale right now AND lots of other neat Vintage Modern goodies!


Digging this great tractor seat bar stool. If there had been a set of three or four...I probably

would be blogging about the cool bar stools I brought home from the antique mall this evening!


More "Brasilia" like stuff at Treasure Aisle. This is the Perspecta line by Kent Coffey. I once

had a dresser exactly like this GIANT. I still have the mirror! It too is a bruiser. This is the first

time I've seen the commode. It's a great looking little side table with some storage to boot. the Big Bend Antique Gallery antique mall.


Nice long low "Mad Men" sofa. It's got a neat wood accent trim piece all along the top edge

and reversible seat cushions with a flower print on one side. It looked to be in pretty good

shape and was priced very reasonably. Need a sofa? Might want to get over there ASAP!


Since you're going to be moving large items (you are going to snatch up that sofa and the

bedroom stuff next door, right?) might as well pick yourself up a Heywood

Wakefield "Dogbone" diningroom set. It's got some bumps and bruises but is priced

appropriately. No, this isn't the set I spotted a few months ago at an estate sale and it's a lot

cheaper than the asking of that set.


That Eames LCM looks familiar. I've seen it at Gus' shop, 11th Street Antique And Modern in

. There are two of the chrome plated wire chairs and I almost bought them just for the

bases. I'd love to put them on my own pair of Eames style shell chairs.


Yup, another Curtis Jere and a brutalist style forest metal art. The Jere is signed but unlike tag. No idea who created the copper forest. Looks pretty cool though. Totally

dig the sailboats! The frame is in black and white shiny lacquer.

...and on to the Kenrick antique mall.


Lots of retro tables. The red an white one in the first photo was at the same estate sale as

the Heywood Wakefield Dogbone set. God...I get around TOO MUCH. I feel a little dirty.

I'll always have a soft spot in my dirty little heart for these Chromecraft style tables.


Lots of good retro stuff at the Kenrick antique mall. Need an old school telephone? How

about a pink ashtray on a stand....with attached planter? No? then surely these soda shop

stools will strike your fancy!


Russel Wright in both Iroquois Casual and Stubenville. Some of the Stubenville lugged bowls

weren't marked. I don't know if I've ever seen this before. I've got most of these pieces already

so I didn't pick any of them up.


Nice! This is a great Heywood Wakefield student desk that has lots of character. It's been

around the block but still retains many of the qualities that one would want this desk for. It's

finish is shot but it's still sturdy and has lots of great storage options. I've always loved these

desks. If the Girlfriend didn't already have a great (Airflow) Hey / Wake desk I would have

brought this one home.


Another beautiful Kent Coffey piece. This is the first "The Forteller" piece I've seen but it's

got some nice lines and details. I think I made the seller a little nervous as I was moving some

of her things around to take the pics and I'm sure she was wondering what this guy in a pork

pie hat was doing taking pics of her stuff anyway! It's all good. Just here to help put these

orphaned pieces in new loving homes.


  1. You should go to warson woods antique mall on Manchester. There is a cool mid century booth there. pretty reasonable pricing.

  2. Went to 11th Street Antique & Modern last weekend - and the store is gone! Let us know if you hear if he closed or just moved locations.

  3. He's closed for good.

  4. We went to Treasure Aisle last week and snatched up the Kent Coffey Perspecta chest of drawers for the bedroom. Looks good with the Dixie dresser, but the dresser has since appeared!!! Thanks for the tip. The perspecta buffet you helped us move looks great in the living room holding up the flat screen. Thanks for all your help. C + S, the cluelesscampers

  5. Anony 1 - I know, I really should...I just don't get out that way much. I think that's where I bought my pink Sunbeam Mixer.

    Anony 2 - Gus told me a while back that his shop 11th Street Antique & Modern is moving. I can't remember exactly where it's moving to though. He told me that the new shop should be opening the first week of the new year. Can't wait!

    Anony 3 - See above!

    C + S - Glad to have helped and TO help! That long dresser is very reasonably priced as is the commode. Better get down there quick!

  6. It was going to reopen on Cherokee but they backed out.

  7. I got a text from Gus on 11 / 16 letting me know that they were going to reopen just after the new year. Maybe the location has changed or he has reconsidered since that text.

  8. Do you know if Kent Coffey made a smaller Perspecta dresser??? The one at Treasure Aisle is absolutely huge and our bedroom is sooo small. We'll head over tomorrow to measure and check out its condition. C + S

  9. C + S - Yeah, there are smaller Perspecta dressers out there but they aren't real easy to find. Here's a couple of examples.

    Here's a 6 drawer dresser.

    Here's a 9 drawer dresser.

  10. We measured our room and then ran over to Treasure Aisle with our tape measure this am and it will fit!!! it was so reasonably priced that we couldn't pass it up. Thank you so much for letting us know about its availability. C + S

  11. Really!? That dresser is HUGE. It's great that it fits cuz you will want for no more storage. You're gonna have one excellent Persecta collection!

  12. We have Kent Coffey bedroom furniture "the erect-on". I love it...even the name is great. :)