Sunday, November 6, 2011

Finally Cleaned Up The Flip Clock I Got A Few Weeks Ago. Status: Keeps Time / Sounds Good!


Mr. Mod loves him some flip clock time keepin' music machines...even though he mostly listens to Public Radio / NPR and there isn't much music there.


If it wasn't for the scratch above the clock I'd be happy to keep this as is.  I don't care that

it's fake woodgrain.  The look works.  But the woodgrain has been worn away so it needs

some help.  I'm thinking about painting it gloss white.  The mod shape is just begging for

bright white!


This came out of the basement (see!  The BASEMENT!) of the sale a few weeks ago that

had the Broyhill Forward 70 living and bedroom sets.  It was down there on the

workbench collecting dust.  I bet the former owners never thought in a million years would

it end up being pictured on the internet!


I haven't taken a good look at the construction of the case yet.  I hope it won't be too

much of a chore to get it apart and shot with paint.  All the knobs come off real easy.  I

took them off and cleaned them earlier this evening before shooting the pics.  It was a

mess, but I have a new secret weapon.  A guy stopped by (door to door salesman...just

like the old days!) and sold me some pretty good concentrated cleaner called Pro Green

Kleen (PGK Inc.). 


I just bought a bottle of it cuz I have been doing pretty good money wise and the guy

demonstrated it pretty well and...well hell...times are tough.  I figured he probably needed

a sale and it looked like the stuff worked.  I've cleaned lots of spots out of the carpet, the

guest bathroom and some other stuff and I've been more than happy with it.  Plus it's

concentrated so a little goes a long way and I control the dilution.  So if a guy comes by

your pad trying to sell you some Pro Green Kleen, give the guy a break and let him at

least give you his pitch.  Times is hard out there!


  1. flip clock!! i remember seeing one on my grandfather's desk...not sure where it went :(

    this one cleaned up so well

  2. Love it. Faux woodgrain is cool.