Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Trilogy Is...Complete, Young Jedi. Embrace Your Desire And Join The Enlightened Side. Status: No Prequels, I Swear.


Ah...the final installment of our tour of the pending Ivey - Selkirk Modernism auction this coming weekend. Did anybody "Get" the intro line? might be a little "guy-centric". Step inside for a last look around the floor before the sale. Don't forget that you can go to the Ivey - Selkirk website and see their pics of all the items being sold as well as the expected hammer price. Also don't forget about that 18% buyers premium!


One of the people working at the preview named Mark was kind enough to give me a catalog

of the pending Modernism sale.  I didn't realize until I got to paging through it yesterday that

they had a price of $25 on the catalog!  I can imagine why.  They had to do a lot of work to

get this very nice catalog together!  Mark had approached me asking why I was taking

pictures and after my brief explanation he asked if I had a catalog and then went and got

me one!  Nice people these folks.  I may inquire about including a few pieces in their next

modernism auction if this one proves to be a good experience!

Tables DSCN4632 3dining DSCN4631 3

Check out the totally non kid friendly contemporary coffee table!  Doesn't that look super

dangerous, all cantilevered and glass!  Looks pretty good next to those Wassily chairs.  Funny

how they look so '70s even though they were designed in like the 1920s!  Again, this is my

issue with the whole "Mid Century Modern" label.  The '20s were so not in the middle of the

twentieth century.  "Vintage Modern"...I'm hoping it catches on!

Tables DSCN4626 3Tables DSCN4624 3

I am so smitten with this little Eames La Fonda table (designed for the La Fonda del Sol in Time

Life building new York in '61).  I think it's base can also be used to support the La Fonda chair

which I'd be just as happy with as the ubiquitous shell chair.  The Eames Segmented Base table

may be plain and simple (especially in gray) but it sports an elegance and honesty in it's design.

  I wonder if this example has been painted.

art DSCN4620 3Chairs DSCN4619 3

See, lots and lots of art.  I didn't want to picture the artwork in to much detail.  I feel a little

awkward photographing someones (2 dimensional) original artwork.  Feels like dubbing

cassettes like when we were kids, but more personal.  I'm not the biggest fan of Pollock chairs

so I'm interested in seeing what these and the loose ones go for.  If they sell for more than I

suspect they will I might include a couple of my Saarinen office chairs in the next sale.

case goods DSCN4617 3case goods DSCN4618 3

These two dressers are attributed to Eliel Saarinen, father of Eero Saarinen (the designer of the

the Gateway Arch!)  They have a very nice '40s modern look to them.  Manufactured by Rway.

  Wouldn't it be amazing to have a set of bedroom dressers designed by such a noted architect?

case goods DSCN4616 3Chairs DSCN4610 3

Sitting between the Rway dresser set is one of a set of four dining armchairs that aren't identified

in the catalog.  They are certainly unique.  They have a very nice sculpting to the armrests that

lends them an expensive look.  I can't seem to ID them or even find a comparable on the net in

my 15 minute perusal.  The seats have an Eric Buck look to them but that's all I got.

Chairs DSCN4602 3Chairs DSCN4593 3

The dining chairs are a little too contemporary for my tastes but the Girlfriend says they're

comfortable!  I'm partial to the lounge chair.  I'm not sure that the cushion is original but it looks

like it works and can be easily replaced since it looks like a standard patio seat cushion!

art DSCN4603 3dining DSCN4604 3

I just put the big Wtico Tiki piece above our fireplace (I removed the backing / frame) but I'd

drag it down in a heartbeat if I could place this big brutalist piece in it's stead. The tulip table

isn't a genuine Knoll or at least that's the impression I get from the listing.  To most of us that

just means we can afford it, right?  Like I said in my first posting on the sale, there seems to be

something at this sale for every budget!

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  1. Not a big fan of the Pollocks? Send them my way! I love those things. :P

    They had one of those lounge chairs on CL the other day. Any idea what it is?