Thursday, November 3, 2011

Mash Up! Picked Up A Lil' Sumpn' Sumpn' On The Way Home From Work Halloween Night. New Seating For The Livingroom Lounge? Status: Needs Proper Cleaning


I gave ya a little tease / peek of this new set a few days ago and got so wound up about it that I spent that whole evening / early morning moving out the other sofa and chairs and setting it up in the living room. I just had to get some pics!

A little living room Mash Up action!



Oh yeah, got some new living room table last weekend as well! I can't seem to ID these

other than knowing they're Lane. The name of the line eludes me. These are keepers. At

least for now. I picked them up at an estate sale last weekend that was FULL of Broyhill

Brasilia but was priced just a little too high for my comfort. Oh...and it was Brasilia II,

not the original Brasilia line. More on that later. I grabbed up these two tables plus a third

that needs a little cleanup and a new piece of glass cut for it. I think its glass must have

been broken a long time ago and the frame just stuffed in the attic since it is covered in

dust. It's shaped like a rounded triangle or guitar pick so I'm hoping that having glass cut

for it won't be too expensive.


The sofa sectional was listed on craigslist at about 8pm and the seller included a number. I

don't usually have the opportunity to make calls at work since it's usually too noisy to hear

the other person plus I'm never comfortable making a cold call for items on craigslist. Since

it was a slower, quieter day I thought I'd go ahead and call the seller to see if I might be

able to convince him to let me pick up the set after work if I tossed a better offer (more

$$ than his asking) at him. He was happy to let me pick it up as he was actually going to

have to move it that night to his new apartment if I didn't pick it up! Win / Win!


One of the greatest advantages of this type of furniture is how easy it is to move. OK, it

was still a chore to move this out of a 1940's apartment building, but less so because of

the diminutive dimensions and lighter weight construction of these pieces. It did take both

of us to get this down a winding, narrow stairwell but it wasn't bad and I was able to

unload the long section off the top of Frank II by myself and into our home. Light weight

construction and it's still in great structural condition after what...50 years? Nice.


So, it's not completely perfect though. It did have a missing leg. The former owner had

the leg which was not damaged at all but had been pulled free of the base structure. The

screws that held it tight had been pulled out and the holes stripped. No problem. I tried

a variation of an old trick I've seen work before. If you have a wood screw that has

stripped out of its hole...push a few toothpicks into the hole and re-screw the screw
back in. It'll hold until you can do a proper repair. Since these were pretty big screws

(and I didn't have any toothpicks) I splintered a bamboo chopstick and used some

medium pieces of that. The leg still needs to be better fastened (glue) but is now solid.


Another possible issue is the discoloration on the backrest of the short section. I made a

lame attempt to clean it that yield minimal results so I'm not sure yet if I'll be able to fix

this. If worse comes to worse...I'm thinking that I might take some material off the back

to fix the front and replace the back with something else. Just a thought.


  1. that's a super sweet set--would love to see a before/after picture of the living room, since your blog isn't searchable to find a picture of the old one.

  2. love that blue!! and the shape of the couches are great as well :)

  3. I love the blue set! Love. It! Nice tables too!

  4. The new couch is gorgeous! Looks great in the room. Nice tip, I have had to use that trick a few times for stripped holes, a wooden golf tee works perfectly. Just tap it in and break off the top.

  5. Love the blue sectional and tables in your living room. Looks sooo clean and uncluttered.
    C + S , cluelesscampers

  6. It's awesome and I love the color, it looks great in your room. I've been following your blog for awhile now as I am a lover of mid century modern but near as knowledgable as you, I just really like the look and feel of it.

  7. Sharp looking couch! It goes really well with the orange fireplace.

    Also, I'm tentatively planning on having a small BBQ get-together this Saturday (if we can, for once, actually get people's schedules to coincide).

  8. Very Nice! You should post a picture of the other table, it sounds fantstic!

  9. Does this mean the black vinyl couch is available?

  10. cant seem to get enough of the coffee and side tables and the new/old sofa..yum

  11. Florissant glass on St. Francois is awesome! They have cut many pieces for us, and they are very reasonable. I always seem to buy things that need repair, maybe because I'm so cheap!

  12. I really do like this set in there. Looks really nice!

  13. Anony 1 - Here's some links to see some very old pics and some less old pics. The thing never looks like any of this as I end up putting many new acquisitions in the living room when I get them and it turns into a storage area real quick. I gotta get better at not doing that. It looks so nice right now.

    Bandita - Thanks, it is a fantastic looking set. The color matches the drapes on the other side of the room as well as the painting above!

    Diana - The tables were something of a splurge. I paid a bit more than I might normally but I had a party planned that night and knew these would be perfect as they are glass and would be less likely to be ruined by water rings than my other long low coffee table that is all wood.

    Beccalina - The toothpick trick works like a charm! Like I said though...this is a critical joint and was glued before and I'll still need to glue it again.

    C-campers - Re: Uncluttered - Oh...I Know! It does look nice. I gotta try to keep it like this!

    Anony 2 - Thanks so much! I'm not really any kind of expert...I'm pretty good at finding out what things are and doing light research but Dana over at Mid2Mod is the Real resource for MCM info! I'm just trying to put up some pretty pictures and write some interesting words.

    Nick - We'd love to come by if you have a gathering! Let us know what's what. You got my number. Text, call or e-mail.

    Mick - I'll get some pics of the third table up soon. I wanna do a before and after as well as showcase the entire set in detail. Also, if we do happen to get down to TX. (really wanting to get back to Canton First Mondays) we'll be sure to try and stop by! Promise!

    Anony 3 - Hmmm...not at the moment! Kinda depends on if I end up keeping this set or reselling it.

    Sudha - Even I've had to look at the pics a couple times today!

    Beckyok - Thanks so much for the tip, I'll take the table over and get an estimate. Mother Modtomic has "a guy" in St. Charles that she highly recommends so I'll have to give them a look too.

    illuminate - Don't it though?! Thanks for the great estate sale day Saturday! Too bad the Brasilia didn't work out. Next Time! Grrrr!

  14. Great find! Searching for a loveseat or apt sofa 60"w or shorter for my studio, preferably w/ neutral upholstery. Its been tough! Any suggestions??