Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Now Don't You Need To Put Your Feet Up And Relax A Little? I Know I Do...What With All The Whatnot I've Been Toting In And On The Wagons. Status: Soon To Be In My Ads...Promise!


This great little footstool actually matches the Baumritter Danish Style Lounge Rocker that I already have available on my ads.  I just never got around to shooting pics of the footstool.  Then I finally got the pics but have been so crazy busy with other stuff that I never got around to listing or featuring it!


It's a nice little basic danish style foot stool. It matches the the Baumritter Lounge Rocker

that I have available on my craigslist ads and I'll probably throw it in for free to the buyer

of the lounge rocker if it doesn't sell first. The legs have had a few run-ins with a vacuum

cleaner and sport some light scarring but it ain't no big deal. It still looks nice and if one

was so inclined, they could easily be refinished or even painted. The upholstery is in

excellent condition and doesn't need to be replaced or anything but could be rather easily

if the next owner feels it is needed.


See...I remembering to take pics of the measurements! It's just too much trouble to find a

tape measure and go out to the Garage every time I get an e-mail from craigslist. And I'd

love to get this and all the other newly available items up on my ads soon...but I've got to

get this thing off the top of Frank that I picked up this evening on the way home from work.

Sigh...does the fun ever stop? I hope not!


(Perhaps available soon!)


  1. Ooooh what's that "thing" on top of Frank?! It's blue!! Can't wait to see it! And I love the rocker and stool...if only you were closer!

  2. Saw that piece posted last night and it looked stunning. Was thinking about going for it, but was just too worn out to make the big move on my own. Can't wait to see pictures.