Thursday, November 10, 2011

Enough Of Other People's Stuff! Time To Shed A Little Light On My Own Surroundings! Status: Unavailable.


I almost forgot that we even have this lamp!  It's tucked away in the Girlfriends closet room and I never get to see it.  I'm going to have to find a less fantastic lamp to replace it so I can use this elsewhere.  It's just too great to never get to see.


You know, I can remember back a few years ago finding a lamp (maybe without a shade)

like this every weekend at the thrift stores. I hardly ever find them any more! Where did all

the cool retro, danish, kitschy and vintage modern lamps go? Have they all been snatched up

and sold on eBay? It used to be just the shades that were hard to find. I probably paid less

than three bucks for the lamp at the Value Village. I can't even begin to remember where I

got the shade. I wish I had a couple more just like it!


I do seem to have more great lamps than I actually need. I guess I'm glad I "stocked up" when

I had the chance! I do still have some lamps that I need shades for and some shades that I

need lamps for. The lamps and shades just don't "go together" so it's kind of a big mismatch

until the right corresponding pieces come along.  I'm sure that this lamp didn't come with a

shade like this but when I found it and put it on, it just looked right.  Serendipity has served

me well but you know what they say, luck favors the prepared.  I guess having a collection

of possible lamp bodies is sorta like being prepared!  Yeah, I'm not a crazy hoarder...I'm



  1. i love that wall...about finding lamps..i can never too :(

  2. Nice light. Looks like a Quartite. Is it marked? We are always on the lookout for lamps and shades and have a sizable collection of vintage MCM shades as you might have luck finding that lamp, but the shades are harder to come by in good condition and getting harder all the time. We also try and be prepared :-)

  3. I love this lamp! So simple yet so stunning. Agreed, where have all the lamps gone? I can't seem to find them either.

  4. My grandma had that lamp! Btw, I am the person that put the eames shelves in the I-S auction. I loved seeing your pictures of them. I love your blog! I know a basement you may want to "shop"...

  5. Sudha - I'm glad to have the company but I'd rather we BOTH start finding good lamps again soon!

    A Mod - There aren't any markings on it that I can find. The bottom is covered in green felt. Maybe under the felt?

    Rhan - We musta bought them all up!

    Mary1scott - Well Howdy and welcome to the blog! I'd ask how you were able to bring yourself to part with the Shelving Units but after seeing how much they went for...well I guess that answers that question! Are you happy with the selling price? And yes, I totally accept your invitation...even though it sounds a little like you may be luring me to an untimely demise.

  6. hahaha, no I am not trying to lead to your demise. My dad's Florissant neighbor is clearing out his basement. He has already donated some awesome things to value village/goodwill. feel free to contact for any info. And, Yes I am THRILLED with the selling price of the shelves!! Those shelves spent 40+ years as my dad's basement paint shelves. They were purchased new by his grandma. They were relegated to true industrial storage when he inherited them. About 18 years ago I saw them in a Kovels; book. They were valued at $1000 in MINT condition. So, I guess it paid to wait!