Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What The Heck Is In The Back Of Frank THIS Time??? Poor Put Upon Frank...He Gots It So Hard. Status: Display Cab. Delivery!


People are always so surprised by what I can stuff in (and sometimes on) the Focus wagon.  I had hit an estate sale Saturday morning then just after I left, got a text from Illuminate about a great garage sale where I bought even more goodies.  While tying that booty to the top of Frank II we met a person who was going to have a garage sale soon and thought I might like to check out some items they were going to sell.  ::shrugg::  Ok!

I was a little apprehensive, thinking this might just be a bunch of stuff you'd see at about

any given thrift store or all over craigslist. WRONG. Turns out the seller had a really nice

pair of display cabinets that they just didn't want to move into their new door

to their old home! I thought that was pretty funny. Could a move be more easy? I don't

think so. I wish all my moves (and all the moves I helped my ingrate friends with) could

have been so easy!


But anyway, back to the cabinets. I wasn't totally sold on buying the set since I've already

got a ridiculously packed garage. motto is that you gotta "Strike While The Iron

Is Hot"! He who hesitates may go home empty handed. Or empty garaged? Perish the



Here we go. Getting them lower cabs out of the back of Frank. Sorry these ain't the

pretty pics you've come to expect from Mr. Mod. It was getting dark as I got home...and

I was kinda slow from an full day of estate sales, home cleanup and Halloween partying

the day before. You can start to see why I thought better of leaving these behind.


Here's your first peek at the upper cabinets. I guess they are in fact china cabinets as you

can see in the second photo a pair of plate grooves meant to hold plates upright and

display their pattern. I've never seen china cabinets like this though. One: It's like two

really tall skinny china cabinets....and B: Their isn't any glass or doors in the display area.

Weird right? I kinda dig it!


Well...there ya go. The money shot. Since it's kind-of-a crap picture it's not much money

but you get the idea. Think of a pair of these, either next to each other or as the previous

owner had them, separated...either by a doorway, window or a buffet. The "splitability"

opens up a whole world of possibilities! Also realize that the pair of these were brought

home in ONE trip thanks to Frank II's amazing super powers! I'm sure I'll find a good

loving home for these soon. Just got to get them cleaned up and some better (much

better) pictures taken. Anybody need some china cabs?!


  1. a very neat piece...good thing you bought it

  2. Great lines on these pieces. Any makers marks? Look to be early 70's? Definetely multi-purpose with the two matching units.

  3. Sudha - You are right...I've already gotten some response on it!

    A Mod - It's Bassett. Pretty solid and has some heft. With it being so modular one could use the two bottom sections as a dresser or two nightstands and attach some danish or hairpin legs to the uppers to use as book cases!

  4. Hey! I just stumbled onto your blog from craigslist. I would really love to have one of these cabinets. Are you selling?

  5. atomicdad - I am, but I'm pretty sure they are spoken for. If they don't leave the Garage this weekend they'll end up on my ads. Watch for them there.

  6. Well, I will wait and see, then. I have a Brasilia dining table that these would compliment nicely. And tomorrow being my birthday, I was hoping I'd celebrate early. .

  7. atomicdad - The cabinets are gone. Sorry, I hope you had a good birthday otherwise! Turns out the buyer had a really nice Brasilia buffet! This Brasilia gets around us folks, doesn't it?