Friday, November 11, 2011

Did A Little Art Swap In The "Family" Room Recently. Found That I Need A Spotlight! Status: Perfect!


I finally gave in and removed the fabric backing / frame from this Witco art piece.  The backing was just too icky to use.  I've still got it so I can fix it up and put it all back together if later I decide too, but I'm digging the look without!


This above is what was in the Family Room.  It's a great piece but it doesn't really POP like

the Witco piece.  It wasn't hard to decide to bring it down and replace it.  Now that this is

down I can take the time to take the frame apart and square it up properly.  I got this at a

thrift store and the frame was cockeyed when I got it.  I'm not stickler for perfection when

buying at the thrift store so it never really bothered me and it went up right away.  I almost

sold it once until the Girlfriend asked me not to.  But now I can fix it up nice and find a new

place to hang it.



It looks great in open sunlight like this but in the evening it needs a light shining on it. It's almost

invisible against the brick at night. Now I know what those cone shape aluminum sconce lamps

are for! I need to install one on the ceiling out from the fireplace that I can shine on this area.


I was considering shooting the pics during the evening with a roaring fire but I didn't think

you'd even be able to see it! It would have looked fantastically tribal though. Maybe try that

tomorrow since I've been wanting to get a nice fire going in the fireplace anyway.  Maybe

I'll be surprised and get good pics right away...or I can play with the setting on the camera.

These will have to do for now. This is another example of having more than enough (ok... a degree) and it's bright side! Too much art? Never!


  1. I love the SCALE of that guy. Great piece! And I agree that it looks fine without the backing.

  2. The Witco looks great there. Good choice. This is the first Witco piece I have seen where the wood is painted. Very cool.

  3. LOVE IT! One of those pieces that was just "meant to go".

  4. Nice piece and really nice size for where you hung!!

  5. Love Witco pieces! This one is really great! I actually love everything in the first shot, the chair, table, and the magazine rack is actually my profile picture on Etsy. I've sold 4 or 5 of those in all different sizes..

  6. Saw your comment on Apartment Therapy. This is aweosme!