Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Check This Out...On My Way Home From Work Last Night I Spotted This Being Tossed By A Neighbor! Status: Not Trash!


I mean, c'mon...this Kroehler coffee table is a little rough, but to just throw it away?  That's not cool.  They could have donated it to the Salvation Army thrift store just a short 5 minute drive away!  And they picked a day when it was raining to put it out.  ::Shakes Head::  Luckily it wasn't damaged by the rain.  I think the drink glasses and little kids with crayons took care of That!


Yeah, it's not in A++ condition by any means. The bones are all there though. There aren't any

terrible gouges or scratches and nothing a little light weekend work can't take care of.

DSCN4742 DSCN4743

I turned up the street to our humble abode and spotted the "surfboard" shape of the top of

this table sitting next to a trash container. As I passed it I thought wait a minute...that was

something. I need to check that out further. But I felt a little weird "dumpster diving" here in

our neighborhood! I used to "pick" the alley ways of South St. Louis OFTEN years ago

but that is different. It's hard to describe why, but it's different. Oh well, it was late. Most

people are asleep or are headed that direction when I get home from work. I ain't so proud

that I'd leave this for the landfill. That would be just too much of a shame.


I love the "bookmatching" of the top. This was a nice table back in the day. The legs...well, not

exactly my taste. But I do like the shape of the piece that connects them! It has a nice sculpted

shape. I haven't seen another Kroehler table like this on the net but I have seen some case

pieces by Kroehler with the same legs. I was thinking of taking the legs off and installing some

steel hairpin legs to "Mod" it up a bit, but I kinda hate to mess with the legs since they are in the

best shape of any part of the table!


In the first picture above you can just make out the Kroehler stamp. It helps if you click on the

image to enlarge it. I'm kinda intrigued as to whether or not the "87" is the year of manufacture.

I guess it very well could be. The style of the veneer top is kinda '80s and Danish is Danish.

It's not like they've ever not made danish style furniture since it's initial popularity...right?

Anyway, I thought it was weird finding this in the trash right down the street last night and I

thought I'd share.


  1. I was once leaving a party in Ballwin and saw 4 great Danish dining chairs out in the garbage at the hosts neighbors house... And I stopped and threw them in the back of my car. I felt weird doing it too, but I just couldn't let them go to the landfill... My insane hoarder instincts took over and I just couldn't help myself.. Great table, I would have saved it too!!!

  2. Yup, I would have stopped too. I have no problem picking up stuff and figure if its in my path it was meant to be. Looks like a pretty quick easy repair too. The 87 is probably Kroehlers item number for a cocktail and the 424 is likely the suite ID. Pretty standard for most furniture manufacturers although I'm no Kroehler afficionado and could be wrong...

  3. Great save! I actually kind of like the legs. They look a little like they don't belong which works for me.

  4. I use a product called restore a finish on all my vintage wood, its amazing at getting out scratches and coffee rings. You can get it at Ace or most good antique malls/store