Saturday, November 5, 2011

It's The WEEKEEeeennnNNDD Baby! Howz-about A Shot Of So-Co To Celebrate?! Status: More Bar Ware!


Steamboats...St. Louis.  I get it.  Of course there's a ton of this Southern Comfort bar ware around here.  It still seems a little freaky (and fortuitous since I totally dig it!) that I find SO much So-Co bar ware at the thrift stores!


I found these last week during a quick little trip over to the Goodwill on N. Lindbergh

here in Florissant. Nice little set of 6 rocks glasses and a pair of measuring glasses all

had at fifty cents each! Not to shabby a score.


I know...if you've been reading Mr. Modtomic for any time at all you've seen So-Co

glassware about a THOUSAND times! But look how pretty when reflected off the

glass table and lit by colored candles! Yep...I've finally figured out how to take decent

pics without sunlight! This means I can sleep right up until I HAVE to get up for work

now!!! For real though, it's going to be so nice since the daylight is so limited after this

weekend (daylight savings). And ware in the day time? How uncouth.

Mod Soco Ad

Oh, and as an aside...THIS is how cool Southern Comfort is! No...that's not Mr. Mod

modeling there. He wishes he were the Modtomic Man! That is the grin of the bemused

acceptance of second fiddle status. "Grow some chops buddy!"


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  2. Hey Marco,

    Checked out your blog and thought it was cool. . .I would love to see you do a guess post for Mr.Mod. But you might want to add him to your list of awesome blogs to follow first--just a thought! Scratch each other's backs, you know?