Saturday, November 12, 2011

Since I Was Down On The South Side Anyway This Afternoon I Thought I'd Stop By Cool Stuff Really Cheep Again. Status: Appropriately Named!


I really don't get out to all the great shops around town often enough. I haven't had a chance to stop by here since the very early days of the blog. One of the new items being sold are resurrected vintage pieces that have been repainted / re-imagined such as this black dresser with herringbone drawers. Nice. I wish I had the time and energy to get in on some of that action!

Cool Stuff Really Cheep (sic), if you don't already know, is located at the corner of Bates

and Virginia just off highway 55. They have an eclectic stock (including a nice selection of

vintage modern!) that probably rotates pretty quickly given the very reasonable prices. See

something you like...better get there quick!



Like stuff that hangs from the ceiling? They've got ya covered with both sweet lighting and an

amazing mobile available. The nice thing about the swag lights is that there is no wiring involved

and you can pretty much put them anywhere you need them. Oh, and these two (danish and

spun fiberglass) are just so amazing.



Another redo (done by Ronnie the owner) is this great vintage sofa.  The upholstery has

obviously been redone at some point but the painted frame is recent.  The foot stool is all

original baby.  No need to upcycle there!  Lot's of people have been hitting me up via my

craigslist ads for long "surfboard" style coffee tables so I'm going to guess that this set won't

be here very long.





There all manner of smalls available here. There's glassware, lighting, ashtrays, cookware...

just about anything you might be looking for.  I see what looks like a couple of  nice orange

Royal Haeger ashtrays there and those pastel rolly poly glasses with caddy are awfully




I know there are some Pyrex collectors out there among you. CSRC has a pretty nice selection

for a smallish shop. There places that have a bigger selection but you might pay more too. Or

you can scour the thrift stores to find it cheaper but spend days coming up empty handed.

CSRC seems like a nice compromise.




I got to the shop a little late and only got to talk to the owner somewhat distractedly as I

needed to get the shots and he needed to get closed up but I did ask if he was going to the

Ivey Selkirk auction tomorrow.  Turns out he's got a few choice items available at the sale!

So I'm guessing I'll see him there.  I'm hoping to see some of YOU out there tomorrow!

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