Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Brought Some Home...Left Some Behind...Spotted Some Thrifts Of TERROR!!! Status: Just Another Weekend!


After picking up the La Fonda Eames side table at the Ivey Selkirk auction I Still felt the need to hit a few thrift stores. I know. "Really?" Yep, really. I didn't clean up but I did find a couple neat things. Check it out!


Who could resist this lot? Me either. C'mon, I know I already have a ton of the Salem

Biscayne stuff but when you find a nice baking dish at the thrift store...you seize that baby!

A super cheap Tiki mug? I take that, thanks! And that little blue sugar bowl...well that, I

think, can go with a lot of different patterns, like Salem Biscayne, or North Star.


In other news...Need a matched set of retro living room tables on the cheap? The Salvation

Army (54 Grandview Plz Shp Ctr. Florissant, MO 63033-6105) can hook you up. These

were there when I left Saturday evening. Not too shabby a set. Yeah, there are some

bumps and bruises here and there but they gots style to spare, if you ain't too snobby!


Then there was this crazy sh*t. I think the orange stuffed thing is a...well...a stomach! Right?

Isn't that an orange furry lovable stomach? Freakish. And that ceramic piece...I'm guessing it's

a Budda head. What's the point of having a Budda head? There's no belly to rub! Whateves.


Ok, so maybe the stuffed thing was some doctor / medicine swag. I can accept that. Kinda

weird. The Robata Of Japan, that's a Budda head planter. What would be appropriate to

plant in the head of Budda? I can't think of anything.


  1. I think that the Buddha "planter" actually once held a cocktail. Is Robata of Japan similar to Benihana?
    I had a similar container that I got at a Benihana, it was a souvenir cocktail glass and I planted a few stalks of bamboo in it, and it was cute enough, until the shelf it was on fell out of the wall.

  2. I actually picked up that very tiki mug last Saturday at Goodwill and thought, "I bet Mr. Modtomic would like this." How weird.

  3. Love it! You found the "Anybody's Guess" collection, for sure. I looked up Actos, and it's a diabetes med, so would that make it a pancreas? What the hell is a plush pancreas supposed to look like anyway? That's gross. I like the stomach idea better. The ceramic piece has me stumped too. Aren't Buddhas supposed to look tranquil? If I had to put money one it, I'd say it's a samurai. And I'm so challenged that I sat here for ages trying to figure out how to drink out of that thing without spilling stuff down the front of your shirt. Duh! A straw, maybe?

  4. Your sugar bowl is part of a dish set called Blue Heaven by Royal China. It's fabulous stuff and very atomic!!