Saturday, November 26, 2011

Rack 'Em Up! The Magazines That Is. Or A Small Amount Of Fire Wood...Which Is What I'll Probably Use This For. Status: Heh heh...I Said "Wood".


Remember a few weeks ago when I brought home a set of Basset cabinets? I found those because Illuminate had texted me about a Mod garage sale that she hit after the Big Brasilia estate sale. Well, I picked this little magazine / firewood rack at that garage sale.


I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be for magazines but it's the perfect size for a fireplace size

pile of wood! Plus, I've already got lots of magazine racks and places to spread them out

otherwise. I don't need no other magazine racks! I Do need to go get some cut (and split

probably) wood though!


We just had our first fire of the season and it was lovely. We both really do enjoy a nice

fire but it does screw with the temperature in the rest of the house. The Lily Pad (just like

the Focus wagon, the house got a name...Lily) has radiant heat in the floor. It's great but

not super responsive and unfortunately the thermostat is about 6 feet away from the fireplace.

This means that when we have a fire the rest of the house gets cold because the room with

the thermostat gets nice and toasty. After the fire, when we go to bed, the floor has cooled

for hours and it takes a little while for them to heat back up! We need to move that

thermostat, don't we. Fires are too nice to avoid because of something stupid like this!


Oh yeah, the rack...forgot about the rack!'s made of steel and has some wire

hoops. It goes nicely with my new fireplace tools! It goes really nicely with the Bertoia chairs

but even more nicely with the Tony Paul chairs. Oh...I've never done a piece on the Tony Paul

chairs...maybe tomorrow. We'll see.


  1. Nice rack! :)

    But seriously, I love it and there's probably quite a few things you could use it for.

  2. That garage sale was nice.. I wish I would have gotten there before a bunch of others though, I saw people leaving with stuff I would have liked! I am using the little firewood holder I got from that sale now! It works great!

  3. Pretty good scores.^^

    I was able to pick up a whole bunch of Broyhill Premier Saga pieces at an estate sale this weekend and was wondering if anyone had any more information about that Broyhill line. I cant seem to find anything on the web except old craiglist adds an a few pieces that sold.