Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Ivey - Selkirk Modernism Auction Preview Part 2 - Previewier! Status: Gettin' The Itch To Go Yet?

Chairs DSCN4591 2

I was just perusing the auction catalog and realized, what a coincidence...I'm breaking my blog post into three parts and the sale is broken into three parts!  Most of what I'm interested in seeing sell is in the first session on Saturday starting at 11am.  A lot of the art is going on the second session starting on Sunday at 11am. with the rest of the art selling on Monday at 11am.  By the way, are these bad boys sexy as all h*ll or what?

Don't they kinda remind you of a pair of Hans Wegner folding rope chairs but all tarted up in

a black cocktail dress and ridiculously high heels?  It'd be sweet to load these up and bring

them back here to the joint next Saturday but I'm certainly not going to hold my breath.

Tables DSCN4594 2dining DSCN4601 2

I'm also kinda smitten with this Brown Saltman coffee table.  I think it would look great joining

the two sections of the blue sofa sectional I just got last week!  The Raymond Loewy china set

looks pretty sweet too even though it's kinda plain.  Lots of people prefer the subtleties of

undecorated china like this.  I myself like my china kinda loud and out there!

Chairs DSCN4599 2art DSCN4600 2

I'd certainly prefer the "chicklet" Herman Miller chairs in a solid color but surely these will

make some lucky buyer super happy.  Of course I'd love to snatch up the silver art deco

lucite base globe...but again, I'm not going to be surprised or upset if I come home empty


Chairs DSCN4607 2Chairs DSCN4630 2

The yellow lounge chair and ottoman are dead ringers for George Mulhauser bits except for

those big armrests.  I haven't ever seen one like it.  I - S just have it list as a Plycraft Style

lounge chair and ottoman.  I'd wager it is in fact a Plycraft as the legs look very similar to my

Plycraft lounge chair and ottoman.  Need a coffee table that can double as a place for your

significant other to sit and explain why you cannot bring any more furniture home?  How about

a nice slat danish style slat bench!

Tables DSCN4615 2Chairs DSCN4612 2

Two of my favorite pieces right here.  I've always had a soft spot for the Eileen Gray side

table (c. 1927!) and wouldn't it look sweet supporting a refreshing cocktail next to your's truly

relaxing on that amazing Le Corbusier lounge chaise?  Oh to dream.  Sure, I could get some

reproductions and be happy as a clam.  Matter of fact...I probably will some day!  I ain't no

snob!  Yeah, that "refreshing cocktail" will probably be a bottle of Pabst Blue Ribbon.

dining DSCN4625 2Tables DSCN4609 2

This dining table with the red acrylic chairs kinda reminds me of an Isamu Nogutchi Cyclone

table but it also kinda smacks of Ikea.   The tubular chrome table, labeled Lloyd's Loom

Products, is quite attractive. I've got a little thing for machine age furniture. I'd love to some

day do a whole "Kem Weber" style living room. I think a Le Corbusier lounge would look

great in a Kem Weber inspired environment!

art DSCN4608 2case goods DSCN4629 2
case goods DSCN4628 2case goods DSCN4627 2

Last but not least (at least for today...I still have one more post to publish on this!) is this well

worn Eames Storage Unit set. The smaller units are missing their doors and over all there are

plenty of condition issues to give potential buyers pause but c'mon...it's Awesome! It's the

REAL DEAL! I'd love to have a set like this. The rocker in front of the set is plastic. Again,

I don't have any issues with reproductions as long as the piece properly represents the original.

Of course I prefer an original in fiberglass! I wonder how much the Zebra rug will go for. That

would be a super score. Wish Mr. Modtomic some luck will ya?!


  1. Have fun at the auction. I love going to them. We get most of our best pieces that way.

  2. That yellow chair would be awesome!

  3. I love that storage unit. Even with the condition issues it is pretty awesome. I'm not real fond of the reproduction plastic chairs though. I think they're a little cheap looking. I would love to be able to make a trip to go to this auction but I don't think that is likely. I'm too cheap to buy anything anyway so it's just as well!

  4. Although I've never been out to the auction scene, this has been intriguing. May have to take a look locally and see what's happening in our area. Always game for a great deal or two. Thanks for the post. Always way fun...

  5. What kind of reproduction? Vitra or fake?

  6. Dana - We did have a good time. There were a lot of absentee bids and phone buyers that won items.

    Stacia - The yellow Plycraft style chair and ottoman sold for a paltry $150! If I'd wanted it for myself and not to resell I would have bid that up a bit as I think it was worth more than that.

    V Hunter - I was a little surprised (and I think many of the other bidders were too) at how much the Eames storage unit went for. It was nice to see that there were buyers who recognized what it was and it's worth in attendance.

    A Mod - It was an adventure getting our feet wet and I'll be less apprehensive next time...unless I include items to sell. then it'll be like watching your child walk to school by themselves for the first time!

    Anonymous - It looked good but I never flipped it over to find out who actually made it. I did just recently see on AT that Vitra has acquired machinery to produce fiberglass shells so I think we will be seeing some (probably expensive) very nice serious reproductions from them soon! I'm down with that!