Saturday, November 19, 2011

::Sigh:: This Thing Very Nearly Swaddles You In Comfort. Yes, The Mr. Chair Is Finished. Status: Nap-tastic!


It's not perfect. I'm no professional upholsterer, but it looks pretty good for a hack like me. I'm certainly happy with it and am elated that I can finally USE the chair. It's absolutely the most comfortable chair I've ever owned. It fits like a tailored lambskin glove. I predict this chair and ottoman are going to suffer some pretty serious napping.


I finished the ottoman quite a while back. I was using it as sort of a test to see if I would even

be able to do this at all. It turned out really nice but I found that I pulled the fabric a bit too taut.

This is pretty heavy upholstery fabric and it doesn't stretch at all. When I sat on the ottoman

and put all my weight on it the fabric fabric pulled pretty tight against the cushion frame. It's not

so bad that I feel the need to pull it all apart since I don't think I'll be sitting on the ottoman all

that often, but I may redo it again anyway to match the pleats I put into the back and headrest

cushions on the chair.


After messing around with the back and head cushions for a while I decided to try out this little

pleat idea and I think it works nicely. I could have finished these without the pleats. They weren't

necessary but you see those "wrinkles" in the middle of each cushion? Those weren't going

anywhere. I tried and tried to get rid of them but to no avail. Actually I tried the pleats hoping

they would help alleviate the wrinkles but they did not. It's ok though, if I could have gotten rid

of the wrinkles I would have but they don't ruin the look for me. They give the chair a lived in

look. I'm more disappointed in myself for not being able to figure out how to get rid of them

than I am for having them on the chair! I think that if I had been more patient and bought some

thick batting I might have had more luck. Next time.


I am pretty proud of how well the armrests turned out. These were the hardest and I probably

spent the most time and effort on these. I only have so much patience and probably used up

much of my capacity for detailed work on these. I probably should have taken a nice long

break after finishing them before tacking the seating surfaces but...sometimes you've got to

strike while the iron is hot! I was on a roll!


Just like on the ottoman, I reused the black vinyl piping. At first I wasn't sure if it looked kinda

lame, but now I'm loving it. I'm thinking sometime in the future I might pull the seat cushion back

apart and put a couple of pleats in it to match the back and head cushion. Maybe...maybe not.

It looks fine as is. Nobody's gonna see whether or not it has pleats when I'm all knocked out in

it after a hard morning of hitting the estate sales!  In case you missed it the first time around,

here is the "before" pics!



  1. Mr. Modtomic,
    That is simply gorgeous! And I just want to let you know that I truly appreciate your blog! Thanks so much!

  2. Very nice job Mr. M! A couple of #30 buttons in each section should take care of your wrinkle/pleat issues.

  3. Wow. Great job! That looks like it would take forever. I've never seen that Mr. Chair before either. They make such a huge variety of them.

  4. Crystal - Well thank you so much! That is very kind of you to say.

    Anony - You are right, but (while not a deal breaker by any means) one of the things that drew me to re-upholstering this chair was the Lack of buttons! I've read the buttons are hard to do.

    Nick - I have seen at least three chairs with differing degrees of variation referred to as a "Mr. Chair" but I haven't seen any others with a label that denotes them as such. I love mine but am kinda smitten with the one with the one piece back and headrest. That was the first George Mulhauser chair I ever saw and it was in an "Antique" shop in New Orleans years ago. I remember thinking, "I'd be happy with that until I can find an Eames / Miller lounge." Well, I am!

  5. Hello Mr. Modtomic,
    This is Kimberly, from Flickr.. Thanks for telling me about your fantastic blog. :) I love it! We just found our second Plycraft lounge chair, so we have a project like this in our future. Nice job!

  6. Kibster - See!!! Was I right? Separated at birth or what? What's your blog called / address?