Monday, November 21, 2011

'Memba This Danish Style Lounge Chair From Last Month? Wanna See What It Looks Like Now? Status: A New Lease On Life.


This chair came from an early morning estate sale and was passed on to a new home almost as soon as I got it out of the back of Frank!  And a wonderful new home this orphan went to.  As a matter of fact, I don't know if a better home could have been found!


The chair came home with good bones and loads of potential. I guess it could be said that I'm

pretty good at spotting that. My plan was to just rub it down with the antique finish restorer and

slather it with Feed-n-Wax. The upholstery was up in the air. I haven't been bold enough to try

to upholster something as complex (I's not THAT complex but I'm just not sure I got

the chops for it yet) as cushions with piping.


Like I said, the chair was gone before I could even give it a proper cleaning! Not that it

mattered. It's new owner gave it what for and did a beautiful job of refinishing the wood. Gone

are all those little dings and dents, scratches and scrapes! The wear and tear on the finish is all

gone, replaced with a sexy new tan.



Then there's the new clothes. I got just one word...Wow. Nice...Job. I got to find out all the

"who"s and "how much"s about this. That is a fantastic job. Super clean work with crisp lines.

And the choice of fabric pattern is great. Mod without being over the top.


No details were overlooked with new webbing being added to the seat. The new owner did a

fantastic job of rescuing this chair. It's so nice to see something that passed through my hands

in better shape than when it left and to know that it will be around for a long time to come.

Maybe the new owner will let us all know who did all the work and if they are available for

other folks projects (hint hint!).


  1. i m so inspired to refinish my chairs :)

  2. Really nice restoration! Now I am also inspired...

  3. Have to agree...Really nice job restoring. Fabric is similar to the fabric one of my H/W customers picked out for their dining chairs. This has a very nice retro feel without being too much...and the frame and webbing look really nice as well...

  4. All of the work was done at;
    Custom Furniture Works
    6727 Manchester Road
    St. Louis, MO 63139

    CFW does exceptional work with an amazing eye for detail. The staff is great to work with and very knowledgable about their trades. I would highly recommend them in St. Louis.

  5. Well there ya go! Got something that needs the professional touch? Looks like this place does a top notch job.

    Here's a clickable link to Custom Furniture Works' website.

  6. That chair looks great! I passed up one just like that this summer because at that moment I thought I had too many chairs. Silly me.