Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Stuff I Had Just Layin' Round But Is Gone Now. Zenith Console Stereo With Cool Louvered Doors. Status: Gone But Not Forgotten

Sold DSCN7225

Ain't this about one of the coolest console stereos you've ever seen?  It all worked perfectly too.  Stereo, turntable and line in inputs.  You could run your ipod or whatever into this tube driven beast and really warm up that digital playlist.  This was a quick and unexpected craigslist flip.

Sold DSCN7221

This was all about a year and a half ago. I was trolling around on craigslist as I am wont

to do when I happened upon yet another ad with a poorly lit picture. The ad was for a

console stereo and I'm always interested in such items. The pic was blurry and dark but it

looked like it might be a clean modern design. The ad was only a few hours old and it was

only about a mile away. It couldn't hurt to take a look.

Sold DSCN7222

It turned out to be quite a fortuitous journey as the console was in fact quite a nice piece

indeed. The entire unit was in great shape and only needed a little cleaning with some

Murphy Oil Soap and all the electronics worked as they should. I brought the unit home

and stuffed it into the garage where it stayed for about a week.

Sold DSCN7223

A couple was coming to town from Chicago to look at some Brasilia that I had available

at the time and while I was waiting for them to show up I had to move some things around

in the Garage to allow them to see the pieces. Since I had to move this back out of the

Garage to get to the other furniture I thought I might as well clean the stereo up and take

some pics of it for when / if I posted it on craigslist.

Sold DSCN7230

When the couple showed up to check out the other furniture they took one look at the

console stereo (freshly cleaned up!) and were in love. The had to have it. I'm glad that

they bought it right then because I'm sure I would have become very attached to it if they

hadn't taken it off my hands when they did. You see, I get more attached to items when

I get them for a ridiculous song AND they are really nice. Like my Bertoia chairs. I'll

never sell them. I got them all at too good a price. I'll never get those kinda deals again!

Sold DSCN7227

So instead of taking home a couple pieces of Brasilia, this ended up in the back of their vehicle.

I got pics from them when they got home. They took the time to visit some of the other shops

around town and bought some stuff from them as well. I always try to promote the other shops

when I have a buyer come from out of town. It can't hurt to show folks that this lil' town can be

a sort of "destination" for a little shopping weekend. I hope they are still enjoying the console

and if you are the lucky owner of this unit leave a comment and say hi!


  1. This dude is sweet. Ive got a nice rca, but the louvered doors makes this piece. I wouldve sung this song.

  2. Oh man....I think even after only a week I would have to keep it. Very nice!!

  3. This piece is sweet! I keep a wish list here at the store and have about 5 people that would jump all over this. I can't keep a nice console in house..

  4. Indeed one of the coolest I've seen! I love the detail and lines.

  5. I rescued one very similar, only the front trim is a little different. Interior is exact! Mine needed repair to work but now it entertaining again! That's the fun of it all, restoration!
    Had to refinish the top veneer but for ten dollars at a garage sale I'm delighted! Next one you gotta keep!

  6. I just picked up two Zenith stereo consoles at an auction a month ago for a total of $7.50! No one wanted them - one even has the original paperwork and Zenith brochure with it. I haven't tested them yet but I am guessing they will work. My husband thought I was crazy getting them but not only are they great for listening to LP's but also make super TV stands!

  7. I have this exact console stereo! Bought it at a yard sale for $5. Nothing like the hum of the old tube radios!

  8. we just got the same one on CL for 50 bucks. unfortunately the original owner deemed it necessary to cut a piece out of the front center and stick a new radio and 8 track player in there at some point in i'm guessing the 70s. still sounds fantastic and we're seriously considering finding a good carpenter to replace the front once we've outfitted the interior with hopefully as original as possible record player and receiver.

  9. how much is this radio in the pics worth?????? my gramma has one in just about perfect condition and want to sell it get back to me asap please!!!!!